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Former A’s top prospects getting their big chance with Orioles

first_imgBALTIMORE — Richie Martin and Renato Nuñez, former A’s top prospects, were expected to be major contributors at the big league level by this point in their careers. The A’s are finally seeing that plan come to fruition this series, only it’s for the opposing side.Martin and Nuñez are both getting regular playing time in the starting lineup for the Baltimore Orioles, a club that is rebuilding with several young players on the major league roster.Martin, 24, was the 20th overall selection by …last_img

Dinosaur Fossil Shows Exquisite Skin Detail

first_imgMore imaginary feathers on a dinosaur have been discovered.  A BBC News article shows a cartoon of a dinosaur with feathers on its arms.  This is strange, because the paper it refers to makes no claim about feathers – only that certain structures had been interpreted as feathers by some.    The original paper by Theagarten Lingham-Soliar (U of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa) described a Psittocosaur from China that is remarkable in one respect: it exhibits dinosaur skin in cross section with the finest detail ever found.  Published in the Proceedings B of the Royal Society,1 the paper says that “Also, for the first time in a dinosaur two fibre layers parallel to the skin surface are preserved deep within the dermis at the base of the cross section.”  Collagen at least 25 layers deep – maybe 40 layers deep – suggests that the skin of this species was tough and rigid, providing protection for internal organs.  Tooth marks from a possible predator attack were also found.  For these reasons, the author said this specimen “gives a remarkable, unprecedented understanding of the dinosaur skin.”  It should, therefore, provide an ideal case for a feather hunt.    The BBC report made overt claims about feathers in addition to its cartoon: “The plant-eating Psittacosaurus had a thick layer of shark-like skin hidden under scales or feathers.”  The caption said, “Some scientists believe a number of dinosaurs had feathers.”  Another quote hedged a little: “Soft tissues such as skin are rarely preserved in the fossil record, leading to heated debate over what dinosaurs looked like, and whether they were covered in primitive feathers or scales.”    What did the original paper say about feathers?  Not much.  The only relevant statement was, “To date, all integumental structures described in dinosaurs, whether interpreted as ‘protofeathers’ or structural fibres, occur on the surface of the animal or on adjacent substrate.”    A look at the references for such interpretations showed two for and two against.  The most recent paper in the references was by Feduccia and Wang denying that so-called feathers are anything more than degraded collagen fibers.  The only other comment about feathers in the paper was about the uniqueness of bird skin: “A generalization of the primary functional role of the dermis in the protection and/or support for the enclosed body mass may be extended to most vertebrates with the possible exception of birds, wherein the dermis plays a unique role with respect to feather attachments.”  Nothing in the paper, therefore, supported the claim that the well-preserved skin of this Psittocosaur had feathers, despite the BBC’s depiction.Update 01/10/2008: The author of the paper denies that these are feathers.  Roger Highfield, reporting for the UK Telegraph, found out that the point of Theagarten Lingham-Soliar’s paper was to refute the notion that the collagen dermis layers contain proto-feathers.  Here is what he told the Daily Telegraph:Scientists must really now choose – belief in the nebulous idea of protofeathers or the reality of collagen, the dominant protein in vertebrates.    I am convinced from the nonsense spouted by many of the people who denounce collagen in favour of protofeathers that they have never actually seen collagen in its natural or decomposing state.”Lingham-Soliar also denies that Sinosauropteryx, a turkey-size dinosaur unearthed in 1994, had feathers.  He thinks, instead, that the impressions were remains of collagen that supported a dorsal frill running down the head and back.    Highfield ended his article, “Although the new work will not challenge the link between birds and dinosaurs it will lead to a fundamental rethink of why feathers evolved in the first place.”1.  Theagarten Lingham-Soliar, “A unique cross section through the skin of the dinosaur Psittacosaurus from China showing a complex fibre architecture,” Proceedings of the Royal Society B, ISSN: 0962-8452 (Paper) 1471-2954 (Online), Issue: FirstCite Early Online Publishing; DOI: 10.1098/rspb.2007.1342.The evolutionary flights of fancy in the news media are irresponsible and detrimental to scientific objectivity.  Here was another media flap by the BBC, trying to pull imaginary feathers out of leathery skin, because they so wish for dinosaurs to be the ancestors of birds (compare 06/13/2007).  The Telegraph article was more fair, but still clung to the link between dinosaurs and birds as if that belief is too sacrosanct for evidence.    The reporters and scientists should have been questioning the 70 million years during which this specimen supposedly lay there, its skin exquisitely preserved down to the collagen fibers for all that time.  The carcass of a cow, deer or bird will decay to the bone in months.  The conditions under which such “extraordinary preservation” occurred, and a reappraisal of the dating, should be the first item of business.(Visited 19 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Space as a Green Metric

first_imgHow do we measure ‘comfort’?But what does comfort really mean? The amount of space that feels comfortable to a person depends on any number of factors: where we live, how we grew up, and what our socioeconomic status is. In a statistic we’ve referenced before, the average American house in 1950 was 983 square feet and the average family size 3.37 people, while the average American house in 2010 was 2,392 square feet and the average family size 2.58 people.Put another way, the average living space per person rose from 292 square feet to 927 square feet in under 60 years. Other research has shown that younger generations are more likely to have grown up in their own room than previous generations. In other words, Americans are growing accustomed to more private space.Shifts in cultural attitudes towards private space makes a universal definition of comfort elusive. A house’s layout complicates this further. Older homes may have small or inaccessible kitchens, a formal dining room, or a now-redundant “servant” stair. These houses can feel cramped in our current cultural context, no matter the overall house size.Comfort is a necessary component of sustainability because a dose of practicality lets us implement these practices at a large scale. There are always people willing to make personal sacrifices for the environment (the tiny house movement is one example) but most of us gravitate toward the middle rather than the extreme. A house size sustainability metric therefore has to negotiate a reasonable expectation of comfort while considering evolving cultural expectations about private and shared spaces in the home. Kristina Eldrenkamp recently completed her Master of Architecture degree at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She has worked in Minnesota, Massachusetts, New York, and Tanzania. Her father, Paul Eldrenkamp, is the founder of Byggmeister, a design/build firm specializing in house renovations. This post was originally published at Byggmeister’s website. Size is not a sustainability metricThe standards used by the building industry do not incorporate size as a sustainability metric, and in some instances they inadvertently privilege larger buildings. Passive House certification, for example, uses a primary energy limit that is calculated as a rate per occupant per year, but it derives this number from design occupancy (the number of bedrooms plus one) rather than actual occupancy. A three-bedroom house is given the same annual energy allotment whether a multi-generational family of five or a couple that occasionally hosts guests lives there.The Passive House methodology also unintentionally produces something called the “small building penalty.” Small homes typically have a greater surface area-to-floor area ratio than large ones, and since heat loss is a function of surface area, a small house will lose more heat relative to its living space than a larger one, making it harder to reach the Passive House standard. On the other hand, the LEED rating system includes safeguards so that larger homes have a harder time achieving higher ratings.In many of the metrics monitored by industry standards, square footage is used as a constant, a unit to measure other units by (energy use as a rate by square foot, for example). It’s surprising, then, that square footage itself hasn’t been more regulated for its impact on energy usage. This gap in measurable size metrics speaks to the deeply personal nature of space. We’ll continue striving for minimal environmental impact in our projects, aiming to build 500 square feet per person until we can get away with something smaller. RELATED ARTICLES “Green” can be an empty term if it’s not defined in measurable ways. This conviction has informed our efforts to assign performance metrics to projects and to monitor progress towards meeting these over time. Some of the ways we document performance include our energy and water use tracking program and our protocols for protecting occupants against indoor pollutants (from activities like cooking).One aspect of “green” building, however, has eluded standardization: house size. How big is too big to be sustainable? Is there a point at which high-performance building practices are undercut by square footage?Most of our work is remodeling, so we don’t encounter this every day. Our square footage is usually predetermined by an existing building. In many projects, however, we are confronted with the decision either to build an addition or reconfigure a space within the existing envelope to address a client’s needs. Because we ultimately want to leave a project knowing that it uses less energy than it did before, we have to think beyond energy use intensity (EUI, the average energy use per square foot per year) to the total energy expenditure of the whole house.center_img Sometimes additions are unavoidableFor projects where an addition is unavoidable, we have adopted 500 square feet of finished floor area per person as a rough guideline. This number is somewhat arbitrary in that it has no empirical research backing it, but we’ve found from our many years working on houses that this strikes a reasonable balance between extraneous energy consumption and comfort — which isn’t to say that we haven’t ever exceeded this threshold (or even that most of the existing homes we renovate conform to it).In our experience — whether or not we’re able to hold to this threshold — houses beyond 500 square feet per person often don’t add functionality. Instead, they have rooms that sit largely empty, such as a formal dining room, living room (when a family room or den exists as well), or guest bedrooms. When we have more rooms than we need to meet daily needs, we are inefficiently consuming both space and the energy needed to condition that space. Even if we add insulation and air sealing to make a house more energy-efficient, tacking on a big addition could increase the overall energy use. For this reason, we always start by looking for solutions that don’t require an addition. Size MattersGreen Building Priority #5 — Build SmallerWhy Tiny Houses Make SenseCities Think Small to Ease the Housing CrunchFinding the Small House Sweet Spotlast_img read more

Two arrested in Panipat for making obscene gestures to Punjab government woman official

first_imgTwo persons have been arrested for making obscene gestures to a senior Punjab government woman official on Delhi-Chandigarh Road in Haryana’s Panipat on Wednesday.The official was on her way to Chandigarh from Delhi along with her son and was also accompanied by her security personnel in a separate vehicle.Panipat Superintendent of Police Sumit Kumar told The Hindu over phone that the accused were identified as Gurvinder and Love Deep, both residents of Panipat. Mr. Kumar said the car in which the culprits were travelling had hit the woman official’s vehicle following which the matter was reported to the police. The police officer said the official, in her complaint, alleged that the two men made indecent gestures towards her. “We immediately registered a First Information Report in the case and put check posts at several points to arrest the two young men,” said Mr. Kumar. The accused’s vehicle has also been impounded.An FIR has been registered on charges of rash driving, outraging the modesty of a woman, endangering personal safety, and causing mischief.last_img read more

England ready and raring to go in their pursuit of elusive Test series win in India: Cook

first_imgEngland captain Alastair Cook on Monday described the forthcoming four-Test series against India as a huge challenge as no English team has won a Test series here for almost three decades, but did not appear too concerned about the nature of the pitches they might have to play on.”It’s a huge challenge as history suggests. It is so hard for an English side to win in the sub-continent. We are just desperate to use the conditions in these three (warm-up) games and change things around,” the opener said at his first post-arrival media conference here.”It’s been 30 years (since England won a Test series in India). That’s the sort of challenge we have ahead of us. Nowhere is it going to be easy; there are going to be really tough hurdles on the way. We have to overcome those challenges. As players we put ourselves in that situation as to what we want to do. If we want to be tested against the best in hard conditions then this tour is up there,” Cook added.The 2-1 Test series victory after coming from a match down in 1984-85 under David Gower was the last time England beat India at home. The present England team, barring Kevin Pietersen, flew in early this morning from Dubai, where they had been practicing for a few days. Pietersen had arrived late last night from South Africa after being part of Delhi Daredevils in Champions League T20.”Both sides have world-class players. It’s going to be a fantastic series to watch. Whichever team handles the conditions better will win the series,” said the England skipper, who made his Test debut with a half century and an unbeaten ton at Nagpur six years ago.advertisementHowever, he refused to be drawn into talking much about the nature of wickets here. “We can’t control the wickets. We have to adapt to whatever the conditions are. I am sure India will have to do the same job,” he said.Cook said there was no quick fix to play spin bowling in the sub continent. “(Graham) Gooch (former England captain and team batting coach) sent me here when I was 19. It’s never a single fix; it’s a gradual process to play spin in the sub-continent. I made my Test debut in India. I feel I have the experience to pass my experience to younger players. I have a fairly decent record here as well.If we have to win the series all of us will have to stand up and score runs,” he said.Cook also rued the absence of long-term opening partner and former captain Andrew Strauss, who has retired, but said this gave a chance to some one else to put his hand up and deliver. “That will be one of the big changes; it will be strange to walk out and bat for England without Strauss. It was a pleasure to bat with him and it was great to know such a familiar face at the other end. We are friends off the cricket field and that showed in our relationship when we were batting. It’s a shame that will never happen again,” he said.”But it’s a great opportunity for someone else to go out and open the batting for England. I made my debut six and half years ago in India and it’s a great place to open the batting. It’s a great opportunity for someone to stick his hands up and make the opening space his. There’s no better place to bat for England than at the opening slot,” Cook said.Cook also said his team would not take the warm-up games lightly. “We always try and win these warm up games. The idea is always to get as much game time for our players so that they are ready for the first Test,” he said.Asked about the absence of any frontline spinners in the India A squad, Cook did not think it was an issue. “We have no right to select the India A team, it’s not in out control. There’s Yuvraj Singh and Suresh Raina in the team for spin. We have done a huge amount of work after what happened in the UAE 12 months. We will continue to do that in the next two months,” he said.Team director Andy Flower said his team focused on playing seam bowling in Dubai apart from spin. “Seamers can take wickets in these conditions. So that was part of our focus as well,” he said.advertisementAbout Pietersen, Flower confirmed that he would play the warm-up games. “Kevin will play tomorrow and go at No. 4. It’s been a day of recovery. We have seen Kevin, he’s desperate to get going and we are desperate to have him back in the team. It’s always great to have a world class player in the team,” said Flower.”We want to play outstanding cricket that we are capable of. He’s played a huge amount of cricket and a lot in the sub-continent and in the IPL and that experience will be valuable for us,” said Flower.England play India A in the first three-day game from Tuesday.last_img read more

Winnipeg Skates Past Isles, 4-3

first_imgUNIONDALE, N.Y. — When Winnipeg defenseman Mark Stuart got crunched into the boards early in the second period, the Jets woke up from their doldrums — and that was even before they made the New York Islanders pay on the power play.A sluggish start put the Jets into a hole, but they snapped out of it, withstood a comeback, and put the finishing touches on a 4-3 win when Andrew Ladd scored his second goal of the game in the third period Oct. 28.“It definitely feels like we’re kind of growing as a team,” said Bryan Little, who had three assists. “We’re learning fast from our mistakes and we’re doing a better job of kind of handling the game.”It turned 24 seconds into the second when New York’s Nikolay Kulemin slammed Stuart into the boards in front of the penalty boxes. Kulemin was given a major penalty and was ejected.The Jets grabbed a 2-1 lead and the momentum.  “Getting two goals out of that and getting ahead and being able to play with the lead for a little bit definitely energized our bench,” Ladd said.The Jets coughed up a 3-1 lead and were tied going into the third, but a turnover by Kyle Okposo led to the winning goal. Ladd put in a rebound of Little’s shot to put Winnipeg ahead to stay at 3:31.“We didn’t go hard to the net enough to get it done,” said Islanders captain John Tavares, who got New York within 3-2. “You gave a team like that enough chances on the power play and they will hurt you.”Mikhail Grabovski got the Islanders even at 3 in the second, and Brock Nelson staked New York to a 1-0 lead in the first. Jaroslav Halak stopped 26 shots.Defensemen Paul Postma and Jacob Trouba also scored for the Jets, who began a four-game trip. Ondrej Pavelec made 18 saves.“We got our feet moving after the first period,” Jets coach Paul Maurice said. “The power play gave us some life and we responded well to them coming back on us and played our best hockey in the third.”Following Kulemin’s hit, Stuart laid on his stomach for several moments. He got up on all fours after being attended to by a trainer and skated off. He returned soon after.The Jets used the extended power play well as Ladd and Postma scored 2:52 apart during the advantage that generated six shots.Ladd made it 1-1 at 1:14 when he got to a rebound of Toby Enstrom’s shot and punched it past Halak for his third goal. Postma pushed Winnipeg in front with an unassisted goal. Of the defenseman’s six career NHL goals, three have been scored against the Islanders.“For some reason I get pucks to the net in this rink and they manage to go in for me,” Postma said.Winnipeg widened its lead to 3-1 when the teams played 4-on-4. Trouba took a pass from Stuart in the neutral zone, carried the puck into the New York end and snapped a wrist shot from the high slot that ticked off Halak’s glove and carried into the net.“We lost the game, and bottom line is I need to do better,” Halak said.The Islanders made the most of a minor boarding penalty by Mark Scheifele on Thomas Hickey when Tavares scored a power-play goal with 5:32 left in the second. Grabovski tied it 1:24 later.New York drew a hooking penalty on Blake Wheeler just 1:02 in and then capitalized on the power play 14 seconds later when Nelson netted his fifth goal. Defenseman Johnny Boychuk rocketed a shot from the left circle off the left post, and the carom came right to Nelson, who easily steered it into the net.But New York was only 2 for 5 on the power play, including an advantage in the game’s closing minutes. The Islanders mustered only 12 shots in the final two periods and now head out on a five-game Western trip.“We had some pretty good chances, but when you don’t move the puck well, you don’t deserve to win,” Islanders coach Jack Capuano said. “It’s going to be a long road trip is we don’t figure it out.”New York had the better of the play throughout the first period, putting constant pressure on the Winnipeg defense and holding a 9-7 shots edge. “We tired them out in our end,” Maurice said with a laugh. “That was part of the plan.”(IRA PODELL, AP Hockey Writer)TweetPinShare0 Shareslast_img read more

10 months agoTrippier insists Spurs remain title challengers

first_imgTrippier insists Spurs remain title challengersby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveTottenham defender Kieran Trippier insists they remain title challengers.Spurs meet Everton on Sunday.”Every single game we want to win, our mentality is to get the three points,” said Trippier.”Things are looking good and the last set of results have been perfect for us and we are in every competition at the moment.”It’s another long season ahead, we’re not even at Christmas yet. So I think it’s too early to tell if we are in the title race or if we are going to win the league.” About the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img

Killerrapist Paul Bernardo set for parole bid after 25 years in prison

first_imgPaul Bernardo, whose very name became synonymous with sadistic sexual perversion, is expected to plead for release on Wednesday by arguing he has done what he could to improve himself during his 25 years in prison, mostly in solitary confinement.Designated a dangerous offender, Bernardo, 54, became eligible for parole in February but has so far not been allowed beyond the confines of his maximum security prison in eastern Ontario.Bernardo’s parole hearing at the Bath Institution is expected to attract numerous observers, most of whom will have to watch via a videolink. The hearing also comes almost two weeks after the prosecution withdrew a weapon-possession charge against him related to the discovery of a screw attached to a ballpoint pen handle in his cell.Defence lawyer Fergus (Chip) O’Connor did not respond Tuesday to a request to discuss his client’s bid for freedom. However, at the aborted weapon trial this month, he outlined the pitch Bernardo was expected to make to the National Parole Board panel.“He’s as horrified as you and I are at what he did,” O’Connor said. “I expect that he will take full responsibility, express remorse, and he appears to be sincere in that.”While isolation has limited available programming, Bernardo has made a “determined effort not to make up for what he’s done — for that can never be done — but to improve himself” and has been of good behaviour in “very hard conditions” of confinement, O’Connor said.Bernardo’s crimes over several years in the late 1980s and early 1990s, some of which he videotaped, sparked widespread terror and revulsion.Among them, Bernardo and his then-wife Karla Homolka kidnapped, tortured and killed Leslie Mahaffy, 14, of Burlington, Ont., in June 1991 at their home in Port Dalhousie, Ont., before dismembering her body, encasing her remains in cement and dumping them in a nearby lake. Dubbed the “Scarborough rapist,” Bernardo also tortured and killed Kristen French, 15, of St. Catharines, Ont., in April 1992 after keeping her captive for three days.Bernardo was ultimately convicted in 1995 of the first-degree murders of the two teens and numerous sexual assaults. He was given life without parole eligibility until he had served 25 years since his arrest in early 1993.Tim Danson, long-time lawyer for the girls’ families, would not discuss Bernardo’s parole bid.“For a variety of very sensitive reasons, neither I nor the families will be making any public comments until after the hearing,” Danson said on Tuesday.O’Connor conceded his client was reviled for his “horrific crimes.” Still, he has “loving parents” who visit him regularly, and the parole board will take into consideration his behaviour in prison and whether he still poses a danger to the community, the lawyer said.“Their decision will be not how much he should suffer, but does he present a risk,” O’Connor said. “The issue is not just desserts; the issue is risk.”O’Connor has also noted that Bernardo was realistic about his prospects of gaining parole.The odds are against Bernardo’s early release given his crimes. Overall, authorities say only three in 10 inmates win parole on first try.“Not all lifers will be granted parole,” Correctional Service Canada notes. “Some may never be released…because they continue to represent too great a risk to reoffend.”Bernardo’s parole bid comes against a backdrop of controversy over the unrelated prison transfer of another convicted child killer, Terri-Lynne McClintic.Recent word that McClintic, who helped her boyfriend Michael Rafferty kidnap, rape, and kill eight-year-old Victoria (Tori) Stafford in Woodstock, Ont., in 2008., had been moved to an Indigenous-centric prison in Saskatchewan known as a healing lodge sparked an uproar that reached the House of Commons. The Conservative opposition jumped on the issue as proof the Liberal government was soft on crime.In response, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale asked Correctional Service Canada to review the move. On Tuesday, Goodale introduced legislation aimed at addressing long-standing issues with segregation and treating mentally ill offenders.“We are committed to a correctional system that keeps Canadians safe and holds guilty parties accountable for breaking the law while fostering practical rehabilitation,” Goodale said.Bernardo, who admitted raping 14 other women, was also convicted of manslaughter in the December 1990 death of Homolka’s younger sister, Tammy. The 15-year-old girl died after the pair drugged and sexually assaulted her. Homolka later said she wanted Bernardo to have Tammy’s virginity as a Christmas present.Homolka served 12 years until 2005 after pleading guilty to manslaughter in what critics branded as a “deal with the devil.” It was revealed last year that the mother of three had been volunteering at a Montreal-area elementary school.last_img read more

NeYo and Olympic Legends Support Day for Kids

first_imgImagine seeing Grammy award-winning singer Ne-Yo in a tug-of-war with Olympic Legends Jackie Joyner-Kersee and Gail Devers on his side – and all 3 of them losing to a group of kids from the Boys & Girls Club!Ne-Yo, Jackie and Gail struggling at Tug-of-WarAll three celebrities took part in the huge National event kicking off Day For Kids, an initiative which launched on September 7th, in Atlanta, with more events to follow across the country throughout the months of September and October. The events are aimed at encouraging adults to act like kids again, to remind them how important childhood is, and to help children everywhere enjoy their childhood, since so many nowadays are facing critical issues like poverty, obesity, bullying and other problems.Ne-Yo, Jackie and Gail enjoyed the Day for KidsNational Statistics today show: 15.1 million school-age children are home without adult supervision after school every day One in five children live in poverty One in four high school students fail to graduate each year Nearly 4,400 juveniles will be arrested every day One-third of American children are obese or overweightBut, one day can help change this trajectory and put them on the path to a great future. For many at-risk youth, that’s the day they enter a Boys & Girls Club to get the needed resources and support to help them develop into productive adults.To elevate the critical issues facing youth in our country, Boys & Girls Clubs of America is leading this nationwide initiative. The Day for Kids events bring together hundreds of adults to participate in fun childhood field day activities, including relay races, tug-of-war and dodge ball.Speaking to the crowd, Ne-Yo talked about his history with the Boys & Girls Club, saying, “The Boys and Girls Club helped me gain the self confidence to go ahead and do what it is that I knew that I was destined to do.”Ne-Yo is grateful that he grew up with the Boys’ & Girls’ Club.When interviewed later, he added, “…I feel like, in that I come from here, for me to come back and to show these kids my success is inspiration for them to then go off and be great themselves… I would not be who I am if not for the Boys and Girls Club.”To find out what is happening near you, contact your local Boys & Girls Club, or visit the Day For Kids website.last_img read more

Did OSU torpedo 2011 season

The Boys of Columbus face two key early-season tests that could derail their road back to New Orleans for next year’s BCS National Championship Game. OSU struggled in every road game except Minnesota in 2010. After two cupcake home games against Akron and Toledo, the Buckeyes play at Miami (Fla.) in week three. The Hurricanes played zombie football the last half of 2010 — anyone who watched Notre Dame dismantle them in the Sun Bowl could see that. The new eye of the Hurricanes, Al Golden, is a strict disciplinarian. He’ll have slackers running stadium stairs or shown the door. Come week five, the Spartans will visit Columbus. If the NCAA reduces the suspensions of Pryor, Herron, Posey, Adams and Thomas to four games, this could be their first game of the season. But if the NCAA upholds the suspensions, it’s likely Joe Bauserman, Jordan Hall, Corey Brown, Chris Fields, Andrew Norwell and Adam Bellamy will play major roles in beating Sparty, who loses veteran players on defense but returns with a strong offense. If OSU goes without the suspended five against Sparty, it might be a home underdog, which is rare for the Buckeyes. The last time this happened was against USC in 2009. The Sugar Bowl triumph feels good, but OSU might have mortgaged away another national title run in the process. “Through all adversity lies a blessing.” Solomon Thomas said that after Ohio State’s Sugar Bowl victory over Arkansas on Jan. 4. In a game full of turbulence, it was fitting that five of the Shameful Six played fabulous roles in the win. But now it’s time to look to next season. By letting those players work their magic in the bowl, OSU might have cursed its 2011 national title hopes. Thomas, Terrelle Pryor, Dan Herron, DeVier Posey and Mike Adams say they’ll return next season, putting OSU ahead of the Big Ten class: Michigan State will lose key players, including All-American linebacker Greg Jones; Wisconsin will lose powerhouse Scott Tolzein, winner of the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award, given to the top senior quarterback; Iowa has to start over; and Michigan is nowhere to be found. Big Ten newcomers, the Nebraska Cornhuskers, will compete for the 2011 conference crown with quarterback Taylor Martinez. However, it’s a catch-22 for OSU: The Shameful Six were allowed to play in the Sugar Bowl, but all except Jordan Whiting can’t play the first five games of next season for their part in Tattoo-gate. OSU appealed to reduce the suspensions. The Sugar Bowl win salvaged 2010 for the Buckeyes, who snapped their nine-bowl-game losing streak against the SEC, dating to 1978. By letting the suspended athletes play in the bowl, OSU might have pulled the plug on a 2011 National Championship run. read more