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One in five nurses quit on qualifying

first_img Previous Article Next Article Comments are closed. One in five nurses quit on qualifyingOn 6 Mar 2001 in Personnel Today Training for nurses has to beimproved in order to ensure more students complete courses, according toresearch.Two reports from watchdogorganisations reveal that one in six students training to become nurses,midwives and other healthcare professionals do not complete their courses and20 per cent do not take up posts after they have qualified.The findings are outlined in theAudit Commission’s study Hidden Talents and the National Audit Office’s reportto Parliament, Educating and Training the Future Health Professional Workforcefor England.Other shortcomings identified inthe reports are that one third of NHS staff have not agreed training needs withtheir managers in the previous 12 months and that there are glaringinconsistencies in how much is spent on training staff by different NHS trusts.Sir John Bourn, head of theNational Audit Office, said, “Educating and training increased numbers ofnursing, midwifery and other health professional students is a key way ofovercoming the shortage of staff in the NHS. “The NHS and higher educationinstitutions must continue working together to improve value for money, toensure more students complete courses, to reduce the constraints on providingpractical experience and to invest in new capacity where needed.” Related posts:No related photos.last_img read more

Sr-isotope variations in a composite sill: crystal-liquid processes and the origin of the Skye granites

first_imgSr-isotope data from the Rubh’an Eireannaich sill, one of a suite of composite (mafic-silicic) minor intrusions associated with the 59 Ma Skye Intrusive Centre, NW Scotland, indicate that both crystal-liquid fractionation and magma-mixing processes have played important roles in its genesis. The data indicate that two distinct magmas were involved in the formation of the sill: a ferrobasaltic andesite magma, generated by contamination and fractional crystallization of regionally available basaltic magma, and a rhyolite magma which has a significant crustal component. Hybrid (intermediate) compositions at the gradational boundaries between the mafic and silicic components of the sill formed by mixing prior to or during emplacement, whilst fractional crystallization of the unmixed silicic magma occurred almost exclusively after mixing. The identification of a significant crustal component within the silicic portion of the sill suggests that the compositionally-related granites of the Skye Intrusive Centre have a similar origin.last_img read more

FIORE, SHIRLEY (nee: Dickerson)

first_img73, passed away at home surrounded by her family on July 25, 2018. She was born in Richmond, Virginia and resided in Bayonne for many years. She was predeceased by her parents Jessie and Mattie Dickerson and her children Shirley Arcado and Raymond Fiore and her sister Louise Dickerson. Wife of Raymond Fiore. Mother of Sherri Fargano (Alphonse), Thomas Arcado (Angela), Paula Weitman and her late husband Joseph, William Weber (Madelen), Robin Fiore and her companion Victor, Phyllis Fiore and Cathy Cappiello (James). Grandmother of Tracey, Amanda, John, Melissa, Jessica, George and Maylin. Also survived by 5 great-grandchildren. Funeral arrangements by S. FRYCZYNSKI Funeral Home, 32-34 E. 22nd St.last_img

Live News Feeds (RSS)

first_imgOur Live News Feeds (RSS)>> Latest News Feed  >> Subscriber only content feed  What is RSS?The use of RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is growing in popularity, by bookmarking one of our Live News Feeds you can get constantly updated news links displayed directly on your computer screen as soon as they are posted online!Whilst it sounds complicated it really isn’t; it’s much like an email alerting service without the inconvenience of checking an inbox.There are many news readers available for the purpose of reading news headlines by RSS – Feedreader and FeedDemon to name a few.If you are using the browser ‘Firefox’ just click a news feed hyperlink below. Firefox will ask you to ‘Subscribe using Live Bookmarks’. Once subscribed a new text link will appear in your browser (as featured on the right), clicking on it will display all the latest news stories in a long menu, click on one of the entries to visit the relevant article in full.Use of our RSS feed is subject to our Terms and Conditions for use of RSS feedsA detailed description of RSS can be found on Wikipedialast_img read more

Press release: New measures to enhance UKEF support for UK exporters announced in Spring Statement

first_img Media enquiries: Robert Maccabe, Head of Press and Corporate Communications Bond insurance policy Bond support scheme Buyer & supplier credit financing facility Direct lending facility Export insurance policy Export refinancing facility Export working capital scheme Letter of credit guarantee scheme Adapting in line with the world’s changing economy will be crucial to ensuring the UK meets its true trading potential. The measures announced today demonstrate the UK Government’s continued commitment to helping UK exporters succeed in overseas markets with the right support from UK Export Finance. Email [email protected] International Trade Secretary and President of the Board of Trade Dr Liam Fox MP said: The new General Export Facility (GEF) will allow UKEF to support exporters’ overall working capital requirements, rather than linking support to specific export contracts. Through this new support, a wider range of exporters will be able to access and benefit from UKEF support, notably smaller businesses and companies with shorter manufacturing cycles.Since introducing its trade finance products, designed for smaller businesses, in 2011, UKEF has provided support worth more than £646 million through these productsi, helping enable more than £4.1 billion of UK exports.UKEF will also hold a consultation on its foreign content policy, with a view to making the policy more flexible to ensure UKEF is recognising the full contribution of the UK supply chain. Adopting a more flexible policy will allow UKEF to increase its support for different sectors.These announcements follow the publication of the Export Strategy in 2018 and underline the Government’s commitment to providing comprehensive and flexible support to help UK exporters take full advantage of international demand for the UK’s world-class goods and services.iAs at 31 March 2018.BackgroundUK Export Finance is the UK’s export credit agency and a government department, working alongside the Department for International Trade as an integral part of its strategy and operations.Our mission is to ensure that no viable UK export should fail for want of finance or insurance from the private market. We provide finance and insurance to help exporters win, fulfil and ensure they get paid for export contracts.Sectors in which UKEF has supported exports include: aerospace, healthcare, infrastructure, telecommunications and transport.UKEF has a national regional network of 24 export finance managers supporting export businesses.Our range of products includes: Our country cover positions outline our current cover policy and risk appetite for each country. Mobile +44 (0)7791 797810 General Export Facility (GEF) will allow a wider range of exporters to access UKEF support Proposed changes to UKEF’s foreign content policy will recognise the full contribution of the UK supply chainlast_img read more

Let’s talk climate change

first_imgIn a speech on climate change delivered during her visit to China last month, Harvard President Drew Faust described the problem as “a struggle, not with nature, but with ourselves.”During Climate Week April 6-10, Harvard will take a long look at the ongoing struggle to find man-made solutions to this man-made problem. Spearheaded by the Harvard University Center for the Environment (HUCE), next week’s events will feature everything from informal breakfasts with climate scientists to more traditional lectures by prominent experts to social and literary gatherings inspired by the Earth’s biggest environmental conundrum.HUCE Director Daniel Schrag, the Sturgis Hooper Professor of Geology and professor of environmental science and engineering, said the week presents an opportunity for members of the Harvard community to engage on the issue, discuss, and learn.“I deeply believe that climate is an issue that affects every part of the University. Scholars in every School have something to contribute to the problem of climate change,” Schrag said. “Everybody’s perspective matters. That’s at the core of the philosophy of the Center for the Environment.”The center is taking a lead role in organizing the events, but Schrag credited the idea to John and Natty McArthur University Professor Rebecca Henderson, co-director of Harvard Business School’s Business and Environment Initiative.“Dan and I have been talking for some time about how best to highlight both the urgency of climate change as a problem and the huge array of exciting work that’s going on across Harvard to address it,” Henderson said. “And we thought an event like Climate Week might be an ideal way to accomplish both objectives and to simultaneously generate excitement and engagement across the campus.”During her March 17 speech at China’s Tsinghua University, Faust, who has identified climate change as a major priority for the University and who will host a panel discussion on the topic April 13, said that universities have a key role to play in “what must become an energy and environmental revolution” if the problem is to be solved.At Harvard, action on climate change spans the University community. Students can choose from 243 courses offered on energy, sustainability, or the environment, and they have the option of studying a new secondary field in energy and the environment. Faculty members teach and conduct research, with 239 engaged in energy or environmental research and affiliated with HUCE. Staff members are also helping the University become more sustainable in its own operations.In February, the president’s office announced seven grants from the Climate Change Solution Fund, established in 2014, for projects by faculty members and graduate students. Those projects investigate reducing food waste, which amounts to 40 percent of our food supply; extreme weather expected in a climate-changed world; low-carbon energy strategies for China, the world’s biggest greenhouse gas emitter; advances in transforming solar energy to fuel; regulatory controls to reduce air pollution in India; and the economic impediments to the use of biofuels.In her China speech, Faust highlighted another climate change-related initiative, the new Center for Green Buildings and Cities at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Headed by Ali Malkawi, professor of architectural technology, the center is seeking design and material solutions that will foster a new generation of green buildings and, on a larger scale, urban centers.At Harvard Law School, faculty members are debating President Barack Obama’s proposed power plant rules, which aim to reduce greatly the carbon dioxide emissions from existing facilities. Two of the nation’s top environmental lawyers, Jody Freeman, the Archibald Cox Professor of Law and director of the School’s Environmental Law Program, and Richard Lazarus, the Howard and Katherine Aibel Professor of Law, have posted online rebuttals to constitutional scholar and Carl M. Loeb University Professor Laurence Tribe’s contention that the proposed rules are unconstitutional.“The most important action on U.S. climate policy right now is happening in the legal domain. … Not surprisingly, every EPA rule on climate has been challenged in the courts. Defending the legality of these rules is absolutely critical to successfully addressing climate change domestically,” Freeman said. “And as scholars at Harvard Law School, we have an opportunity to play an important role explaining the legal implications of these rules.”Climate Week will provide a gateway to the ongoing and multifaceted conversation around climate change for members of the Harvard community, and seeks to convey, if nothing else, that everyone’s efforts, perspective, and expertise are needed, Schrag said.“It’s a week when there are opportunities for everybody at Harvard to participate in an event on climate change in some way and find that there’s something relevant to them, that they have a voice, that they have a role to play,” he said.last_img read more

$59 million in Vermont bond sales completed on first day

first_imgState Treasurer Jeb Spaulding announced today that Vermont successfully sold $20 million of Vermont Citizen bonds and another $38.83 million of general obligation refunding bonds on February 25. The sale was planned as a two-day process; however, the bonds sold out entirely by the middle of the first day.“We are extremely pleased by the response to our bond offering,” said State Treasurer Jeb Spaulding. “We received approximately $90 million of orders for the almost $60 million in bonds that were available. The strong response indicates Vermont investors and brokers are eager to invest in the State and support badly needed capital projects.”The bonds settled, or closed, on March 11, 2010. The State was able to lock in a total interest cost of 2.5 percent. The yield investors received on their bond purchases ranged from 0.25 percent for bonds maturing in one year to 3.08 percent for bonds maturing in twelve years. The Citizen Bonds were offered in amounts as small as $1,000, with maturities ranging from one to ten years and targeted to retail investors.The refunding bond maturities range from one to twelve years, corresponding with the maturity dates of the older bonds that were being refinanced, and were offered in standard $5,000 amounts. The refunding produced cash flow savings of more than $2.6 million from fiscal years 2011 through 2022, with approximately $409,000 in savings for fiscal year 2011 alone. The savings comes from the State securing a lower interest rate through the refinancing process.Demand for the State’s bonds was enhanced by the State’s strong credit ratings. The bonds are rated Aaa by Moody’s Investors Service, and AA+ by both Standard & Poor’s Ratings Service and Fitch Ratings. The Aaa rating reflects the highest rating available to government issuers, and the AA+ ratings the second-highest. High demand for the bonds allowed the State to offer a lower rate of return and consequently, lower the cost to the State for borrowing money for capital projects. Costs to the State would have been higher if Vermont’s bond ratings were lower.Proceeds raised by the sale in February of Vermont Citizen bonds go toward funding projects that were authorized by the State Legislature in the last legislative session. As part of the annual approval of capital bonding projects, the State is expecting to again offer bonds for sale in October and November of 2010.Source: State Treasurer. 3.16.2010last_img read more

TikTok famous: How Binghamton High School’s principal is spreading joy on social media

first_imgWhile the school’s spirit week is over, he still plans on making videos to share. BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — With schools closed across the state until April 29, many are resorting to online learning. Teaching lessons of love and light, even when school is closed. “I think it’s super important during this time that they get to see me, they still know that we’re here, that we’re behind them, that we’re supporting them, and it’s a great way for me to stay connected to the kids on a platform that they love and they use,” said Richman. “I had never even honestly heard of TikTok or knew what it was, but I felt like since the kids wanted that to happen, it was my role to do it,” said Richman. Richman posts things from funny videos about being home, to videos tailored to the day of the week. But it’s not all about the academics, Binghamton High School principal Kevin Richman is teaching his own lesson about spreading joy and positivity. Like many educators would say, it’s all for the students. Mr. Richman has even challenged other buildings and staff to hop on TikTok and do the same. Take ‘Workout Wednesday’ for example. For more on the coronavirus, click here. Not only is Mr. Richman spreading joy onto your feed, he’s also sharing the messages students need to hear most. Richman started posting videos on the social media site, TikTok as a part of Binghamton High School’s virtual spirit week. “We do love them. And we do miss them. And if I can use TikTok as an avenue to show everybody that, then I’m going to do that,” he said. “I decided to hop on the treadmill here at the high school holding a cinnamon roll and lip syncing to a song,” said Richman. “The reality is that we all need a laugh, we all need a smile, and again, if I can do a little dance or do a little singing to make that happen then I’m doing a very small part that needs to be done to get us through this time.” “We really were trying to come up with some ideas to keep our kids connected to the building while they’re all home,” he said. While the school community is adjusting to many changes, TikTok was also a learning curve for the principal.last_img read more

Trump leads Biden, state too close to call

first_imgVoters fill out their ballots as they vote at the Stephen P. Clark Government Center polling station on October 21, 2020 in Miami, Florida.Joe Raedle | Getty Images – Advertisement – – Advertisement – – Advertisement –center_img Since 1964, Florida has backed every winning presidential candidate except once in 1992. The state took center stage in the 2000 election after an intense ballot recount dispute made it all the way to the Supreme Court. Republican George W. Bush ultimately claimed victory in Florida over Democrat Al Gore by a margin of just 0.009% — the closest in any presidential election in U.S. history.This is breaking news. Check back for updates. President Donald Trump is leading in Florida voting returns, but his contest in the Sunshine State against Democratic nominee Joe Biden is still too close to call, NBC News reported.Florida has 29 Electoral College votes. Polling averages had indicated a tight presidential race. Trump won Florida by 1.2% in 2016.As of 9:10 p.m. ET, Trump was leading with 51% of the votes tallied so far, compared to 48% for Biden, the former vice president.- Advertisement –last_img read more

AHG bought the Riviera Hotel, which becomes the first art’otel in Croatia

first_imgThe company will reposition the Yachtclub restaurant located on the Verudela peninsula, as well as the common areas and rooms in the Park Plaza Histria Pula hotel. The core of the art’otel brand is art itself Hotel Brioni / opening in 2021 Hotel Riviera Pula enjoys an extremely convenient location, in an impressive neo-baroque building from the end of the 19th century. Namely, the Riviera Hotel was a favorite choice of the aristocracy during the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. It is the rich history of the Riviera Hotel that will be a great inspiration and link to the arts. However, as each art’otel is associated with the promotion of art through art galleries and various events, certainly the new hotel Riviera will have a much wider dimension for Pula, as a quality cultural content of the destination. The whole deal is worth 36,5 million kuna, and now that the ownership has been resolved, AHG plans to restore this historic hotel to the old splendor and status that this hotel deserves. “The purchase resolves the ownership status of this historic hotel and represents an important step that allows the Company to begin plans to renovate the hotel.”Point out from AHG. The hotel will be transformed into a luxury, branded hotel with 80 rooms, the first in Croatia under the art’otel brand. Namely, these are art hotels and currently five hotels from the Arena Hospitality Group operate under the art’otel brand in Hungary and Germany. The company also ends up arranging the Verudela Beach resort. After the initial renovation of the first 10 accommodation units before the summer season of 2019, construction work began in October, which will completely renovate the remaining 146 units of the tourist resort. Verudela Beach will be the second renovated apartment complex of the Group (with Park Plaza Verudela Pula renovated in 2013), out of a total of four tourist resorts of the Group. Each hotel exhibits a collection of original works designed or specially selected for each individual art’otel, making each of them a unique art gallery. AHG’s investment cycle of HRK 500 million By the way, AHG is currently in an investment cycle of around HRK 500 million, which includes the repositioning of the Brioni hotel, which will be reopened in the summer of 2021, the renovation of the Verudela Beach resort and the final investment cycle in Arena Kažela Campsite. Hotel Riviera The group continues with the second phase of investing in Arena Kažela Campsite, which began in October. The first phase of the investment included 164 new luxury mobile homes, two new swimming pools, a reception desk, new modern poolside bars, the Illy coffee bar and animation facilities. The second phase of investments refers to the replacement of mobile homes, repositioning of plots by the sea (which will include the complete construction of infrastructure, and their average size will be 150 m2), renovation of public areas, restaurants, bars and sports center. Hotel Brioni will be repositioned into a luxury hotel with 227 rooms. The structure of the hotel will have seven floors which will include an indoor, outdoor and infinity pool, a wellness center with saunas and relaxation rooms, a gym, a children’s playground, snack bars, a restaurant, meeting and conference rooms. After being resolved this year a long-running lawsuit , has now been officially confirmed – Arena Hospitality Group (AHG) has bought the Hotel Riviera in Pula from the Ministry of State Property. ART’OTEL BERLIN KUDAMM “In accordance with previous announcements, following the litigation initiated by the Republic of Croatia against the Company for repossession of the facility and payment of the use fee, the Company received a decision of the Government of the Republic of Croatia agreeing to a settlement in the aforementioned civil proceedings for Riviera. The company considered the proposed settlement and on 28.04.2020. concluded a settlement with the Republic of Croatia, the AHG informed via the Zagreb Stock Exchange. That is why art’otel has created its own niche in the world of hospitality, which is completely different from traditional hotels. The investment will turn this camp into a modern 4-star camping resort, and upon completion it will be renamed the Grand Kažela Arena. Photo: AHGlast_img read more