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Sanwas iPhone HDMI Adapter Adds an HDMI Port to Your iPhone or

first_imgMore smartphones are landing on the market these days with a mini HDMI port on the side for HD video output to computers and HD televisions, but the iPhone, which is capable of taking 720p video,  and the iPad have no way of getting that video to your HDTV. With the Sanwa HDMI Adapter for iPhone and iPad, you can transform your iOS device’s 30-pin dock connector into an HDMI port, ready to connect to your television. The adapter will set you back approximately $72 USD and ships from Japan. Admittedly, if you have an Apple TV or another AirPlay compatible device you won’t need something like this, but if you have a video on your iPhone or iPad and want to blow it up for everyone to see on a nearby HDTV, this gets the job done. [via Akihabara News]last_img