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Apple users buy more apps spend more on them

first_imgAccording to an analysis done by Forbes, Apple iOS users are not only more likely to buy more apps, they’re more likely to spend more money on those apps than their Android counterparts. Part of it has to do with the fact that there are simply more apps available in the iTunes App Store, but there’s more to the story.For one thing, Forbes notes that there are more expensive apps in the iTunes App Store than in other marketplaces like the Android App Market. Additionally, Forbes notes that there are more free apps in the iTunes App Store than in the myriad of Android stores, many of which are “lite” versions of paid apps that have extra features or remove ads when you later put down some cash in-app.AdChoices广告They also point out that the leading app development ecosystem remains iOS. Developers looking to build mobile apps look at the iPhone and iPad first, even as Android and Windows Phone 7 continue to grow. Part of that may have to do with the fact that there’s no consolidated or cohesive purchasing and payment mechanism for Android apps and there are at least 3-4 different app stores with different payment systems for each.Still, whether or not that trend will continue is another story. It’s also just as possible that iOS has the app development and sale momentum because it’s so easy for developers to rake in the money once they have their apps built, approved by Apple, and published to the iTunes App Store. Other app stores are more public and uncurated, which puts mobile app developers at the mercy of reviewers and the whim of the market.Regardless, with Apple clocking in its 15th billion download from the iTunes App Store, the question remains when we’ll hit a tipping point between the growth of Android and Windows Phone 7 along with the growth of their respective app stores as well.Read more at Forbeslast_img read more