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FIFA proposes to extend contracts beyond June 30 and players oppose

first_imgThe proposal was met, at the outset, with the frontal opposition of the Spanish footballers union: “On the extension of the contracts of the footballers ending on June 30, we regret that the RFEF intends to follow FIFA, and assume this position, that of extending them, because the labor rights of the workers would be violated ”. Implicitly, this AFE statement makes it clear that FIFA has no jurisdiction over labor relations between clubs and players.The deadlines to signFIFA also talks about an exceptional situation in the market windows: “It is necessary to adapt the normal regulatory situation to the current objective circumstances. For this reason, FIFA will be flexible and will allow transfer windows to be postponed to take place between the end of the current season and the start of the next. “FIFA recalls that its recommendations come after meetings of a working group chaired by FIFA Vice President and President of the FIFA Soccer Interest Group Commission, Vittorio Montagliani, which also includes representatives of clubs, players , leagues, national federations and confederations.“We hope that this joint project, led by FIFA, constitutes a positive example of football’s responsiveness, and demonstrates our union, solidarity and willingness to reach agreements that allow us to face the difficult times that are yet to come. Before that, if there is a question that everyone should be clear about, especially at this time, it is that health comes first, long before football, “said FIFA President Gianni Infantino.There is also a reference to employment regulation records. It urges clubs and employees to reach collective agreements and take advantage of government aid programs. FIFA will only accept unilateral decisions to modify contracts if they comply with national laws. In extreme cases, offers the Dispute Resolution Chamber or the Player Status Commission. FIFA confirmed in a statement that it recommends prolonging the contracts of footballers that end on June 30 until the end of competitions of this season, which is already assumed to occur after that date.“Contracts normally end at the end of the season and the season end date coincides with the expiration date of the contract. With the suspension of football activities in most countries, it is obvious that the current season will not end on schedule. Therefore, it is proposed that the contracts be extended until the time the season actually ends. This measure corresponds to the original intention of the parties when signing the contract and will help preserve the integrity and stability of the sport, ”says the note.“From a sports perspective, it makes sense to do it this way, since the start of the first registration period usually coincides with the first day of the new season ”FIFA explains. And it refers to the Regulations of the Statute of Transfers and Players, “which defines the term season as the period that begins with the first official game of the corresponding national league championship and ends with the last official game of the corresponding national league championship.”The statement states: “In general, labor contracts should be governed by national law and the contractual autonomy of the parties. Taking this into account and, in accordance with art. 18, sec. 2 of the RETJ, the following is proposed:(I) If a contract expires on the original end date of the season, This expiration must last until the new end date of the season.(II) If a contract starts on the original start date of the next season, that start It should be postponed until the new start date of the next season.(II) In the event of an overlap of seasons or enrollment periods, and unless all parties agree otherwise, Priority will be given to the previous club to complete the season with its original team, in order to safeguard the integrity of national leagues, FM competitions and continental competitions ”.last_img read more