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BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2 is here

first_imgIn the wee hours of the morning, RIM finally made the PlayBook OS 2 update available for download on its servers. Just a month shy of its one-year anniversary, the PlayBook has gotten a huge shot in the arm in terms of functionality.You’re likely familiar with one of the shortcomings the update addresses: the lack of proper email, contacts, and calendar apps. They’re all included as standard starting in PlayBook OS 2.0, and they go a long way to making the PlayBook a proper standalone computing device. No longer are BlackBerry Bridge and a BlackBerry phone required simply to arrange a schedule or flip through an address book… or view your inbox.The PlayBook’s built-in video chat feature has also been updated, and it adds a bit of multitasking functionality. Presenter Mode allows users to continue chatting while flicking through notes or presentation slides — or even while firing up the web browser to fact-check something as you discuss. It also lets you use your tablet as a videoconferencing gateway: just plug in the HDMI cable and hook up a big-screen TV to give the whole boardroom a life-sized view of your chat partner. It’ll look good, too, with the PlayBook’s full HD front-facing camera pushing the video feed at the other end.A smattering of social networking has also made its way to the new OS, with LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook profile data all available in the contacts app. BlackBerry Bridge has been upgraded, too. It’s no longer just a crutch that provides missing built-in functionality for the PlayBook. It now offers full remote control capabilities for the PlayBook. Better still, it looks like the new Bridge app will let you set up your BlackBerry as a Bluetooth input device on anything that supports HIDs — one CrackBerry forum members hooked his up to a PS3 and used the QWERTY keypad to make searching easier.Curiously, RIM’s official release post doesn’t even mention what’s possibly the most talked-about addition to PlayBook OS 2: the Android App Player. That’s probably because the average use won’t ever see the player working. He or she will simply download a ported app from Appworld, tap to launch it, and the PlayBook’s Android VM will take its position in the background and bring the app up full screen.Geekier types, of course, will be anxiously trying to jailbreak PlayBook OS 2 so that they can get the Android Market running and install all the Android apps they want. To do that, you may have to wait for the release of Dingleberry 4.0 — which is already being actively developed to satisfy your PlayBook root cravings.More at Inside BlackBerrylast_img read more