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Break in at Hugh’s

first_imgTwo St Hugh’s students were victims of a burglary last week, as an unknown intruder broke into their rooms and stole a number of their possessions.Ellie Wilson and Sam Evans arrived back from a pub in Jericho at around 9.30pm to discover that someone had been into their rooms and stolen both their laptops, along with Evans’ watch and phone amongst other possessions. The burglar is thought to have entered through the window. Wilson and Evans told Cherwell how “windows into both rooms can be opened from outside” with no evidence of forcible entry. Evans added, “This initially led me to believe that my belongings had been hidden by my friends as a joke.”The students’ rooms, both in the basement of a house on Woodstock Road, are situated on the fringes of the college grounds and can be easily accessed from the main road through a small car park.While restraints had been fitted to stop the windows from being opened completely, Evans said, “One window in my bedroom can be opened by more than a foot from outside – enough space for a person to climb through”.Both victims said that they are satisfied with the way that the college has helped in the aftermath, with Wilson saying that they have been “so supportive”.In fact, their qualm seems to rest with the insurance company Endsleigh, with whom St Hugh’s have an insurance policy. Wilson described her attempt to claim for the stolen items, telling Cherwell, “I didn’t get a response until Monday, when after 30 minutes of questions I was told that my claim had been rejected.”When asked by Cherwell why the claim was refused, Endsleigh’s Communications Manager said, “It’s essential that when students leave their property they check that all windows and doors are closed and locked. This is especially important for rooms on the ground floor or if there are easily accessible doors or windows. If windows or doors are left open and property is stolen the insurance cover can become invalid.”The thief has not yet been identified but Wilson and Evans doubt that it was the work of a fellow St Hugh’s student.Evans seemed particularly baffled at the intruder’s choice of items to steal, saying, “They had also taken my pencil sharpener and a bottle of Lamb’s Rum, leaving my Hendrick’s Gin and Black Bacardi untouched.”Some freshers, especially those living in the house on Woodstock Road, feel that the incident has cast a dark cloud over their first week. Nick Williams, a fresher who had moved into the building only two days beforehand, expressed his concern, saying that the break-in was “not a good sign, just two days into my Oxford experience”.Following the incident, college staff sent an email on behalf of the Dean reminding all students to “lock their rooms, including the windows, when not present”. They added that “security on a site of this size depends very heavily on the vigilance of all members of the community.”last_img read more