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News story: Learning and development

first_imgWe have learning for any stage, whether you are looking to develop in your current role, or looking to progress and apply for promotion. Your Learning Map, developed by the profession for the profession, includes learning at each grade to help you.Whether you prefer e-learning, professional articles, top tips, guides or interactive videos, there’s something for everyone. Our learning map is split into the six skills families so that it is easier for you to identify the learning you need.Your Learning Map is designed to help you navigate the multitude of learning and development opportunities that are available to you in the Operational Delivery Profession, whatever your role or grade.Access Your Learning Map here.Free Resource e-LibraryOur Free Resource e-Library has a wealth of resources grouped by theme, such as digital skills, leadership and management, wellbeing at work and much more. What’s even better is that these resources are all absolutely free.Access the Free Resource e-Library hereQualificationsTo receive formal accreditation for your learning and development, why not take a look at our range of internationally-recognised qualifications from levels 2 to 7?Find out more about qualifications.Our approach – the 70-20-10 learning modelAs a profession we follow the Civil Service recommended 70-20-10 learning model. This means that your learning should take a variety of forms: One of our primary learning vehicles – Your Learning Map – has been broken down into the 70-20-10 model. It helps you easily identify relevant learning and makes sure you are getting the most benefit from your development journey. 70% of your learning should be on-the-job and include the experience you gain in your role – this could include new responsibility at work, getting involved with different projects and facing challenges in the workplace 20% of your learning should be focused on learning through others, also known as social learning – examples of this include coaching, volunteering or arranging your own workshop for colleagues 10% of all your learning should be formal skills training, and this could be in the form of workshops, e-learning or qualificationscenter_img Development is a lifelong journey. Helping you develop is a fundamental part of our offer. We value your learning and believe it is important that we all strive to be the best we can be.The future of learning within the Civil Service is about personal responsibility where you are in control and can learn from other people, share across platforms and network across the Civil Service. So don’t wait to be told what learning you need to do, explore the opportunities in our profession and create your own learning programme.We have developed all our learning with you in mind. We have worked closely with departments to make sure that our learning is suitable across all job roles, grades and departments. We know that people learn in different ways so our products have been developed to suit different learning styles.Our resourcesWe have the very best resources and support to help you develop your skills and help your career take off.Our learning is recommended for all grades, from AA to SCS.Your Learning Maplast_img read more