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Fact Check: Viral post of Trump slapping Mexico City Governor is misleading

first_imgDid US President Donald Trump ever slap the Governor of Mexico City? A video of Trump slapping a man in a grey suit, claimed to be the Governor of Mexico City, has gone viral.The message attached with the video reads: “An incident that no television channel showed. Governor of Mexico city and USA President Donald Trump.”India Today Fact Check found that this is a 12-year-old video of Trump, and the man is not the Governor of Mexico City but World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) boss Vince McMahon.We found that this post was in circulation on Facebook since March 2018. However, it has resurfaced on social media after Facebook user Niranjan Shah recently posted the video along with the claim.The video went viral both on WhatsApp and Facebook recently. ‘WWE clips’ can be seen written hazily on the top right hand corner of the 59-second-long video clip. So, we searched for the video related to this news with the combination of keywords – “Donald Trump slap WWE”.We found several YouTube videos captioned Donald Trump slaps Vince McMahon. International Fact Checker Snopes reported about this in 2018.Vince McMahon is the chairman and CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment. The WWE is an Americanmedia and entertainment company which hosts wrestling and sports entertainment events.It might be surprising for many in this part of the subcontinent that President Trump was quite a popular figure in the American wrestling circuit.This viral video clip is part of a promotional event by WWE called – Battle of the Billionaires – which took place on March 28, 2007 in New York. The longer version of the event can be seen in the 12-minute-long YouTube video uploaded by ‘Dance Heart’ in August 2015. At 9.46 minute on this clip, Trump can be seen slapping WWE boss McMahon.advertisementLater, the wrestling show took place with a lot of fanfare where Trump publicly fought with McMahon. As part of the deal, the boss of the losing team had to shave off his head. Here, Trump shaved off McMahon’s hair with an electric trimmer. American website Inside Edition carried this story.Also read| Fact Check: No, Pakistan is not visible from Mehrangarh Fort in JodhpurAlso read| Fact Check: No, these rail coaches are not manufactured under Make In India INDIA TODAY FACT CHECK ClaimUS President Donald Trump slapped the Governor of Mexico City.ConclusionTrump actually slapped WWE boss Vince McMahon, and not the Governor of Mexico City, during a promotional event held by the professional wrestling firm in 2007.JHOOTH BOLE KAUVA KAATEThe number of crows determines the intensity of the lie.1 Crow: Half True2 Crows: Mostly lies3 Crows: Absolutely false If you have a story that looks suspicious, please share with us at [email protected] or send us a message on the WhatsApp number 73 7000 7000last_img read more