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TikTok famous: How Binghamton High School’s principal is spreading joy on social media

first_imgWhile the school’s spirit week is over, he still plans on making videos to share. BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — With schools closed across the state until April 29, many are resorting to online learning. Teaching lessons of love and light, even when school is closed. “I think it’s super important during this time that they get to see me, they still know that we’re here, that we’re behind them, that we’re supporting them, and it’s a great way for me to stay connected to the kids on a platform that they love and they use,” said Richman. “I had never even honestly heard of TikTok or knew what it was, but I felt like since the kids wanted that to happen, it was my role to do it,” said Richman. Richman posts things from funny videos about being home, to videos tailored to the day of the week. But it’s not all about the academics, Binghamton High School principal Kevin Richman is teaching his own lesson about spreading joy and positivity. Like many educators would say, it’s all for the students. Mr. Richman has even challenged other buildings and staff to hop on TikTok and do the same. Take ‘Workout Wednesday’ for example. For more on the coronavirus, click here. Not only is Mr. Richman spreading joy onto your feed, he’s also sharing the messages students need to hear most. Richman started posting videos on the social media site, TikTok as a part of Binghamton High School’s virtual spirit week. “We do love them. And we do miss them. And if I can use TikTok as an avenue to show everybody that, then I’m going to do that,” he said. “I decided to hop on the treadmill here at the high school holding a cinnamon roll and lip syncing to a song,” said Richman. “The reality is that we all need a laugh, we all need a smile, and again, if I can do a little dance or do a little singing to make that happen then I’m doing a very small part that needs to be done to get us through this time.” “We really were trying to come up with some ideas to keep our kids connected to the building while they’re all home,” he said. While the school community is adjusting to many changes, TikTok was also a learning curve for the principal.last_img read more