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How do you say, “Golden Ammo Box” in French?

first_img SharePrint RelatedPhenomenal geocaching community stories from 2017December 26, 2017In “Community”Double-Oh-Mega-Event: On a (not so) Secret MissionJuly 22, 2011In “Community”7 Tips to Attending a Mega-EventOctober 26, 2011In “Community” Signal helping to pass the “Golden Ammo Box” to Lorena and Oriol at the GeoNord 2017 Mega.4.    When did the tradition start?It started last year at our GeoNord 2016.5.    Who officially owns it?I guess we do since we created it (the TB code is owned by -Ruby-), but all those who hold it take good care of it.The theme for the GeoNord 2017 Mega was “air” and held at an old airfield.6.    Does it have suggestions, tips, tricks for all Mega hosts to be aware of?Yes! The ammo box contains the notebook with tips and tricks on how to organize a Mega, along with other items or coins to be tracked. Each Mega team must add something to help future events hosts.7.    Does it have a webpage?No, we’ve never thought about it but it’s a good idea!8.   Is it trackable?Yes! But you must come to a French Mega to get the code! 😀The Golden Ammo Can is trackable, but you must attend an event to get the code.9.    What are the top 5 or 10 tips you’ve gotten from it?Well, sometimes it isn’t easy to add a tip without unveiling all the ins and outs of your own organization, and some things are very particular to a specific event, but in general there are a few universal tips:Don’t forget to find a big parking lot near the event location.Toilets are very important.Don’t copy other Megas — be original and give your Mega its own style.Get along with other Mega organizers. Bad relationships and “wars” won’t help you.Activities, activities, activities. People must have fun if you want them to come back next year.10.  What tip or trick did you add?We added a few, but our favorite is, “A logbook in a simple notebook is boring. Create an original way for people to log the event.”Good tips: Make logbooks memorable and create lots of activities for geocachers to enjoy.-Vainilla- and -Ruby- also created a wonderful 4.5 minute video highlighting their successful GeoNord 2017 – Oxygen Mega-Event last June. A great time was had by all!Got tips for hosting an event, hiding a geocache, or anything else? Share your thoughts!Share with your Friends:More What is the “Golden Ammo Box” and why is it in a field of airplanes?1. What is the “Golden Ammo Box”?The Golden Ammo Box started as a crazy idea. We’ve seen several trackable objects travelling from event to event, the O.C.B. being the most famous, and we thought, “Why not create a notebook with tips to help Mega-Event organizers?” We realized that a notebook would be too fragile, and then it came to us: what better protection than an Ammo Box? People are crazy about them to create caches so let’s use one. And then the “golden” idea appeared. It gives this item more importance and legitimacy; like it’s a little treasure.2. Is that its official name?Yes. “The Golden Ammo Box.” It’s simple and descriptive.3. Does it only travel from Mega to Mega, or does it serve other purposes?Yes. It only travels from and to Mega-Events in France. It’s like passing a baton. An organizer of the next scheduled Mega comes to the current event. The handover usually occurs on the first day of the event during Meet & Greet. It’s like passing the baton.center_img Boîte à munitions dorée. You’ve probably heard of Mega-Events or even been lucky enough to attend a Mega. But, have you ever thought about what goes into planning and hosting your own Mega-Event? Gosh, if only other Mega-Event hosts could share the best tips and tricks to help each other…Well lucky you! Amazing French geocachers, -Vainilla- (Lorena) and -Ruby- (Oriol), who hosted GeoNord Events for the past three years have come up with a great concept: The Golden Ammo Box. Read on to find out how Mega-Event hosts are paying it forward and helping others along the way.last_img read more

Geocaching country focus: Czechia

first_imgThe Czechia geocache that has earned the most Favorite points to date is Postovni schranka (GC5GTCM). Located near the main train station in Prague, this cache is perfect for leaving and exchanging wooden geocoins.Great Moravia 2017 was the first Giga Event in Czechia. It was also the first Giga Event ever hosted outside of Germany.A special icon and experience: The GPS Maze Europe was created by the Czech Geocaching Association (ČAGeo) in 2012. Ever since, the traveling educational exhibit has visited many events in Europe teaching geocachers old and new about geocaching and GPS technology.Students at the Czech Technical University in Prague can earn credits for geocaching. A geocaching class is part of an optional curriculum at their Institute of Physical Education and Sport.With so much geocaching history in Czechia it is no surprise that there are many fantastic geocaches to find. Here is a small selection of some favorites:This geocache at the Vyskov Air museum (GC13WC0) truly deserves the description large, as it doesn’t only fit SWAG but can hold a full grown geocacher (or two)! If you take one, make sure to replace with a geocacher of equal or higher value (just kidding).Kostnice / Ossuary (GCP0JT) is a Mystery cache that leads you to a medieval chapel in Sedlec that is entirely decorated in bones.One of the most favorited geocaches in Czechia requires some serious geo-gear as you will be going deep underground and wade through wet and dark tunnels to claim the Letterbox Hybrid Underground (GC28G7E).The sophisticated TB Hotel VITAJ (GC6TVHP) comes with working light fixtures, a rotating fan and model TV. Trackables can take a rest from their exhausting travels in one of the cozy rooms.This Virtual Cache leads you Katedrála sv. Víta || St. Vitus Cathedral (GC7B802) the largest and some say most beautiful cathedral in Prague.Have you geocached in Czechia? What are the best geocaches you’ve found?Share with your Friends:More SharePrint RelatedThe Most Found Geocache in the WorldMay 19, 2013In “Community”World’s most-logged geocache (GC189E5) is Geocache of the Week!May 17, 2017In “Community”Phenomenal geocaching community stories from 2017December 26, 2017In “Community” All over the world, geocaching is leading people to places they’ve never adventured to before. To celebrate how geocaching is played differently all around the world, we’ll pick a country from time to time and share some interesting geocaching facts. Today, we focus on a location with geocaching history: Czechia.There are almost 60,000 active geocaches hidden in Czechia.The first cache, Tex-Czech (GCE50), was hidden in June 2001 and has been found more than 5,000 times. It is still active today.The most logged geocache in the entire world is Prague bridges 1 – Karluv most in Prague! The cache has gained nearly 35,000 logs since it was published on January 1, 2008. Located on the northwest side of the famous Charles Bridge, the location is full of historical statues and is absolutely stunning. The first wooden geocoins were created by two Czech geocachers Poník and JPAgeo in 2005 as signature items to leave in geocaches for the next geocacher to find. Since then, they have grown in popularity all over Europe! Presently, there are about 38,000 different designs of wooden coins in the world.last_img read more

More Power-Monitoring to the People!

first_imgMajor companies are backing strategies that will allow consumers easy access to detailed information about their energy useTo the extent that telecommunications gadgets and related software applications have become ubiquitous, it seems inevitable that consumers will soon be able to monitor and control energy use in the home by punching a few keys on a cellphone or computer keyboard.The hardware and software to do the monitoring already exist. What’s needed is a way to deliver the information, in an easily accessible and useful form, to consumers.Competition is already heating up in this area.In February, for example, online search giant Google unveiled a prototype of its PowerMeter application which, through a secure connection, would allow each household to view in real time detailed energy-usage data for virtually every appliance and circuit in the home.Among the keys to fully implementing PowerMeter software, the company says, will be widespread installation of “smart meters” in homes (40 million of the devices, in fact, are scheduled to be installed as part of the government’s stimulus program) and cooperation from regulators and utilities in making usage data available to a third party like Google.Will Verizon’s Fios get into the act?Last week Verizon Communications confirmed it might offer an energy-usage monitoring service via a Wi-Fi connection to its Fios routers, which are installed in the homes of consumers who subscribe to the super-high-speed broadband service. Once it’s linked to a smart meter, the Fios router could become yet another source of near-real-time energy monitoring.Verizon has not yet committed to offering the service, which, like PowerMeter, would provide usage data in enough detail to allow consumers to adjust their usage patterns in ways that will reduce their electric bills. But it is exploring the idea. By most estimates, supplying customers with detailed usage information would allow them to reduce their power bills by about 10%.The Twitter factorSpeaking of real-time information feeds, the social messaging utility Twitter has also come into play in the energy usage realm thanks to a kit that allows consumers to modify a widely available power monitor – the Kill a Watt, a $20 device that tracks usage on the outlet it is plugged into – so that the data is fed wirelessly, and continuously, into the user’s Twitter account.The modification hardware, called Tweet-a-Watt, is available from Adafruit Industries, a supplier of do-it-yourself electronics kits, for $90. Early in March, the device placed second in the 2009 Greener Gadgets Design Competition held by green-tech blog forum Inhabitat.Jesse Berst, an analyst at GlobalSmartEnergy and founding editor of Smart Grid News, told CNET News.com last week that while utilities may be slow to develop a system for delivering real-time usage data to consumers, telecommunications firms and gadget makers are likely to move quickly and aggressively to reach consumers who want energy-management services.“There will be a huge collision in the home, but it won’t just be utilities and telcos. Many others are converging there as well,” he said.last_img read more

Cosmos Returns, To The Satisfaction Of Billions And Billions

first_imgTop Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting kelly schwarze Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Tags:#Cosmos#PopSugar Tech#science Related Posts center_img Editor’s note: This post was originally published by our partners at PopSugar Tech.“The day someone says ‘Let’s stop exploring,’ we might as well move back into the cave, because that’s where we’ll land,” astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson told us in regard to why his latest project, the return of science show Cosmos, is such an important milestone for TV, and Americans as a whole.It’s been 33 years since Carl Sagan’s Cosmos: A Personal Voyage first aired on PBS and turned viewers’ sights to the infinite universe, and the upcoming Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey picks up where its predecessor left off, focusing on the story of the universe, and making these concepts accessible to a mainstream audience with a taste for Hollywood-style special effects.Cosmos has left such an impression even decades after its initial release due to the format of the show. It “wasn’t simply opening up science books and teaching pages ripped from it,” Neil said during a Comic-Con press session. “It spent time learning, exploring how to make science matter to you as a human being, as a citizen, as a species with a capacity to reflect upon its own existence.”The new Cosmos comes with a renown science and entertainment pedigree, counting Ann Druyan, co-writer of the first Cosmos series alongside her late husband Carl Sagan, as a writer, along with director of photographer Bill Pope, known for his work in the Matrix trilogy, producer Brannon Braga, a Star Trek: The Next Generation alum, and Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane as an executive producer. The involvement of a comedian known for his crass jokes may seem surprising, but with his influence at Fox, Seth was the driving force behind bringing Cosmos to its 8 p.m. Sunday night spot beginning February 2014 on the network, and has included references to the original show in an episode of Family Guy. In fact, Ann recounted a conversation with Seth in which he told her that with the exception of this parents, no two people besides herself and Carl have had as much influence on his life.It’s with the big studio backing, that the show is able to include blockbuster-scale visual effects that blend “graphic novel”-style animations with space photos provided by NASA, and virtual sensations. As seen in the trailer above, Neil travels with viewers through locations in the universe. An impressive scene Brannon said they’re still working on shows “Neil on Mars, but as seen through the point of view of a rover. It’s following him around and handing him a rock, doing all this cool stuff.”Bringing the story of space and time is a deep passion of all those involved we spoke with during Comic-Con, which all but guarantees it gets translated to the show. “I have high expectations that it will change the mood of the country, so people will come to value science,” Neil said. Based on the crowd that greeted Neil, Ann, and Brannon during the Cosmos panel in one of Comic-Con’s biggest event rooms, the Indigo Ballroom, it’s a passion many viewers will hold as well. The group was met with standing ovations both when they entered and exited the stage, showing a fan base to rival the Hollywood mainstays in Hall H, and seemed ready to take on science exploration.For more from the Cosmos panel, check out this recap, complete with typical Neil deGrasse Tyson humor:Images via Kelly Schwarze and GettyMore stories from PopSugar Tech:A Victorian-Era Lomo Lens For a Modern SLRSeason 2 Secrets From the Boys of Orphan BlackMatt, Jenna, and Steven on the New Doctor, TARDIS Magic, and Who’s Next to LeaveWho Are the Guardians of the Galaxy?Doctor Who at Comic-Con Reveals His “Darkest Days” in 50th Anniversary Preview 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai…last_img read more

Mercedes reaping rewards on and off the F1 track

first_imgFormula One world champions Mercedes are reaping the financial rewards of their track dominance, according to the team’s latest accounts.Figures published by Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix Ltd on Tuesday showed a loss after tax of 22.3 million pounds ($28.50 million) in 2015 from a previous 76.9 million with the team remaining on course to break even.Turnover grew by 66.3 million pounds thanks to additional sponsorship revenues and more money from the sport’s commercial rights holder as a result of the team’s improved 2014 performance.Mercedes said their agreement with the commercial rights holder meant revenue flows based on sporting performance would be “significantly increased” from 2016 onwards as a result of their track dominance.”The future outlook for sponsorship revenues is also very promising,” the team added.Turnover, which does not include any contribution from majority shareholder and Mercedes’ parent Daimler, has grown 86 percent since 2011 – a current 213 million pounds compared to 115 million.Operating costs rose by 8.1 million pounds, or 3.5 percent, mainly due to inflationary increases in salary costs.Mercedes said that as of December 31, the company had negative net liquid assets of 130.1 million pounds, compared to 90.1 million in 2014, with net liabilities of 109.3 million (vs 87 million).Last year was another record-breaking season on the track for drivers Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg, who remain dominant this year as well.Hamilton won his third world championship, and the Briton’s second in a row with Mercedes, in 2015 while Germany’s Rosberg again finished runner-up.Between them they won 16 of the 19 races, with a record 12 one-two finishes. The team also set records for most points in a season (703), most one-twos in qualifying (15), podium finishes (32) and equalled the record for pole positions (18).advertisementMercedes put the team’s advertising value equivalent (AVE) from broadcast alone at $3 billion in 2015, which they said represented 10 times the team’s operating costs.The net cost of the team to Daimler was around $30 million, effectively the net loss.”Success is never down to one individual — it’s the product of an incredible collective effort,” said Mercedes motorsport head Toto Wolff, who has a 30 percent stake in the team.”Now we can see that the company is reaping the rewards on the business side, like we have done on the track for the past seasons.”last_img read more