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Waterhouse brace for tough game

first_imgTwo-time national champions Waterhouse FC are in a must-win situation when they face-off against Portmore United on match-day 31 in the Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL) at Juici Park,Clarendon, tomorrow, starting at 3:30 p.m.Waterhouse are sitting in the cellar position in the 12-team league on 28 points from 30 games and find themselves in a tense fight to avoid relegation.With three games remaining in the preliminary stage, Portmore United lead on 57 points, followed by Montego Bay United (56) and defending champions Arnett Gardens (54) as the teams battling for the $1 million incentive awarded to the team that ends on most points.Portmore will be looking for maximum points against Waterhouse in order to continue their impressive run. On the other hand, Waterhouse’s season is on the line, so spectators could be in for a good game.”It is going to be a tough one, but we are up to the challenge on Sunday,” coach of Waterhouse Anthony Patrick said during the RSPL’s weekly press conference last Thursday at Red Stripe.”We have to stay disciplined. We are very confident as a team and training has been going well,” Patrick disclosed.Meanwhile, manager of Portmore United Clive Marshall says his team’s confidence his high following a sweep of Montego Bay United.”We needed back our confidence and it is coming at the right time. We prefer to have this level of confidence going to this stage,” Marshall said.Looking ahead to tomorrow’s game, Marshall added that: “We are fully aware that all games will be tough because teams have different objectives at this stage.”last_img read more

Let Everyone Be Free to Sell Their Personal Properties to Anyone

first_imgThe Editor,Because of the widening trade deficit, Liberia’s Central Bank Governor ( Dr. J. Mills Jones) wants a “reverse in the country’s export policy towards non-traditional exports”………Ok, great.But why do we have an export policy for “non-traditional exports” in the first place?? (Re “Liberia’s Trade Deficit Widens”)Promoting the free trade of ALL goods and services (traditional and non-traditional exports) is the best export policy for our prosperity!In the “Wealth of Nation”,  Adam Smith, the Father of Modern Economics said that “In every country it always is and must be in the interest of the great body of people to buy whatever they want of those sell it cheapest…”He also argued that in a free exchange of goods and services, both sides became better off! Because trade benefits both sides (importer and exporter), it increases our prosperity!But our imperial President (Madam Sirleaf) have issued several executive orders (#44 and #50), banning private citizens from trading (exporting) their private property (timber, unprocessed rubber, and other natural resources)!Don’t we the people have the right to use, transfer, and trade property that we deem ours? If so, then why is the President using her executive orders to make life a living hell for private citizens who want to trade their goods and services with others in the global economy??Hey Madam President, the hard currency (U.S. dollars) we get from trading our exports is what we use to pay for our imports—(Heinekens, Guinness Stout, bottled water, and Governor Jones’s fabulous salary)! So why are you hostile to free trade??Um, is there any way can we pay the Governor and the President in Liberian Dollars, since they are the ones wreaking havoc with our monetary policies? Since Jan. 1, 2013, the Liberian Dollar have depreciated (rise in exchange rate) from L$72.5/US$1.00 to L$83/US1.00 in Dec 2013!..And that depreciation of the Liberian dollar is the direct result of our monetary and trade policies. Look, if the President continues to ban private citizens from exporting (trading) their private property to willing buyers around the world, Liberians will soon start living like Zimbabweans! Hint  Z$10,000,000,000,000 = 1 US Dollar! (Binyah Kesselly could be our first Liberian Dollar Billionaire!)But the best export policy is for lawmakers to pass legislation that nullifies the ALL executive orders that ban private citizens from trading (exporting) their private property (timber, unprocessed rubber, etc) with whomever they choose to around the world! Free trade is the best trade policy for our prosperity!Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more