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The importance of quality photography in tourism should not be particularly emphasized. That is an imperative today

first_imgWell done for the initiative and proactivity. A beautiful tourist story, which will certainly raise the quality of the promotion of Labin and Rabac. Although this move by Goba was of a practical nature and to help everyone in the destination, an example like this is also good for market promotion or positioning. When I hold trainings for private renters, I always further emphasize how important it is for them to hire a professional photographer and have professional photos of the accommodation. That is the imperative and the basis today.  Mateo Gobo In the forest of competition, in this way through free service, you deliver value and quality, gain trust and contacts of new potential customers, jump out of the crowd and thus get new customers in the long run, of course if you meet the criteria through value for money. And you also get media attention because the media loves positive stories. Precisely on the topic of photos from their destination, a challenge arose for certain landlords in Labin and Rabac.  “As part of my business is also related to photographing apartments and holiday homes, the landlords themselves often asked me to send photos of Labin and Rabac to add to the photos of the accommodation. So I prepared on my website free photos, which I had in the archive and which were not of use, so that the renters could download all the photos for free. This is another way to promote our place with the aim of better filling the accommodation capacity”Gobo points out, adding that of course the photos must not be resold, but used only for personal purposes. Namely, they have professional photos of their accommodation capacities, but not destinations. That’s where the young entrepreneur jumped in, Mateo Gobo owner of the Labin company Gobo Creative Solutions, which deals with web design, web applications, digital marketing and photography, which published free photos of Labin and Rabac on its website for all renters, in order to have quality destination photos , with photos of accommodation on Booking.com, Airbnb, etc.… All landlords Labin and Rabac can download for free HERE.  The importance of quality photography in tourism in today’s digital age should not be particularly emphasized, and each destination should have at least 100 basic photos from or about the destination, and regularly communicate through new photo / video materials and tell stories via social networks. That is imperative today.  As the topic of the importance of professional photography is unfortunately still relevant in our tourism, when asked about the situation in Labin and Rabac, Gobo points out that in his experience among landlords in Istria there is awareness of the importance of professional photography. Photo: Mateo Gobo “Mostly in Istria, there is an awareness of renters about the importance of professional photography, because they are aware that if they have bad photos, they will be less charged. A photo or video is the only contact between a potential guest and their accommodation, and we know we can have the best product in the world, but if there are no commercials and good photos about it, it won’t sell. I often point out in my lectures that renters invest over 100.000 Euros in a house or apartment, and then do not do the most important thing – they do not promote the same through professional photography. And the guest himself when he sees that the photos or website are professionally done, it is again a bonus and the impression that the renters are serious”Concludes Gobo. And when they need new photos or make a recommendation, surely they will remember Matea Gobe as well. And so the story goes and the business expands stably and organically. Because the best marketing has always been and will be the word of mouth or personal recommendation. Of course if we deliver qualitylast_img read more