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A simple example of how to directly raise the quality of a destination in family accommodation

first_imgWe know how important communication is in tourism, and especially in family accommodation where the hosts become the ambassadors of our tourism and the most important feature and what distinguishes the hosts from the landlords, is communication and attitude towards the guest. The hosts in the family accommodation greet the guests, hang out with them, give advice and have a different relationship with the guests than the classic renters who just give the key and see the guests in seven days when they leave. I would only add that such actions should be related to the hosts in the family accommodation who are in some quality label. In Istria we have Domus Bonus the label of the quality of family accommodation, which according to the data of the Tourist Board of Istria is in the phase of improvement and a new brand strategy is being prepared. Maybe then things like the one below would not happen to us, where we are ashamed. According to them, the picture published by the Facebook page Megatroll Split was taken at the Split airport, and shows a driver waiting for a guest with the name Kind regards. Simple, efficient and without a lot of intelligence. This raises the quality of the entire destination in the long run, because in addition to the fact that the hosts can communicate better with the guests, they can also recommend the best places. The registration fee for the course lasting 30 teaching hours was HRK 200,00 per student, while the remaining amount was paid to the full cost by the Tourist Board. Forty people successfully took the courses and completed them, and the goal of the education is to raise the quality of work with guests and their satisfaction and better tourist results. An excellent simple example of how to directly raise the quality of the destination and family accommodation comes to us from Rovinj. The Tourist Board of the city of Rovinj has moved to a new space Source: FB Megatroll Split Namely, the Tourist Board of Rovinj-Rovigno in cooperation with the Public Open University of Rovinj-Rovigno organized foreign language courses (Italian, German and English) adapted to private accommodation for Rovinj citizens – natural persons, who are registered as providers of catering services in the household to ensure better, more efficient and better communication with potential guests. Cover photo: Pixabay.com The driver waiting for guests at Split airport, apparently just copied the last part of the email which obviously seemed to him like the name and surname of the guest who will land in Split and who needs to be picked up at the airport.center_img The previous location was replaced by the Rovinj Tourist Board with a newly renovated and modern office and a spacious attractive information point consisting of a reception area and an exhibition space where all promotional materials of the destination are on display for free choice, guests from the Rovinj Tourist Board and add: Of course, the basis is English, and other languages ​​in accordance with arrivals in a tourist destination or strategic development towards a new market. Any comment is redundant… Thus, each tourist community has the resources and can organize a free course for their hosts in family accommodation, of course only if they care about quality and strategic development. These are the basics and the first steps, without any cleverness, but again a rare occurrence in our destinations. As much as it can be fun to watch two people who don’t speak the same language try to understand each other with their hands and feet, yet don’t vote like a seagull on the cover, talk to your guests to understand you. Knowledge of the language, at least English, is the first prerequisite for tourism. “The new location of the office is special because in the past the bridge connected the island with the mainland, and the remains of the old city walls are now part of the space where the new office of the Tourist Board is located. The attractiveness of the busiest location is also defined by the fact that six streets and two squares merge on Trg na mostu, which will make the office more accessible to many guests and citizens. ” The design and decoration is signed by the architect and interior designer Antonio Balzareno from the Pula studio Fabrika doo, who decorated the bright and airy space with natural materials and decorated it with old historical photographs of Rovinj. Photo: Rovinj Tourist Board After several decades of business at the Pina Budicina Coast location, the Rovinj-Rovigno Tourist Board has moved to new premises, at Trg na mostu 2 (near the Rovinj-Rovigno City Museum). last_img read more

Made for this: Amon-Ra St. Brown was born to be a star

first_imgSomething doesn’t quite fit. It’s the gears of a machine firing; split seconds later, the sound of pigskin colliding and sticking like glue to bare hands. It doesn’t make sense, everyone has checked out. But way in the back, past the far sideline of the practice field, it’s there, and it’s constant, and that football isn’t getting grass stains any time soon.  Practice is over at Howard Jones Field for the USC football team. One by one, Trojans are filing off the grass, each carrying their beat up pads and sweat-drenched jerseys in one hand. A glance at almost any player will quickly reveal the signs that practice ended 35 minutes late — faces covered in sweat, pads seeming to weigh more than they really do, slow trots toward the gate that deposits them onto McClintock Avenue, closing the book on the third-to-last practice before the season opener against Fresno State.  You might be skeptical at first, but the look in his eyes as he delivers those six words should tell you all you need to know. The 6-foot-1, 195-pound sophomore wide receiver is still at work, pumping his arms through the air to mimic a route, just yards away from the robot quarterback firing passes at what seems like dangerous speeds. Suddenly, he shoots his arms up to trap the football between his hands like a vacuum. Ten, 20, 30 reps, zero drops. He reels in the last one, and he’s finally done. Right? Sophomore wide receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown hauls in a pass against UCLA in 2018. (Tal Volk | Daily Trojan) In reality, this shouldn’t surprise anyone. St. Brown’s been this way his whole life. The youngest of three children, he’s continuing a family tradition of wide receiving excellence. John Brown is a tough father who wants nothing but the best for his three similarly-aged kids who all play the same sport at a high level. There are comparisons to be drawn between the St. Browns and the infamous Ball family, but the youngest receiver doesn’t see it that way.  Naturally, Brown had each of his three sons hitting the gym around the time most kids were getting acclimated to second grade.  “I never feel pressure for anything,” he said. “The only pressure you have is the pressure you put on yourself.”  “He’s competitive in everything he does,” Daniels said, recalling a time when St. Brown nearly broke a controller after his long-time quarterback beat him in FIFA. “No matter if it’s fashion, Madden, [NBA] 2K — everything.” He’s doing everything he can to bring USC back to the top of the college football stratosphere. St. Brown came to USC with the intention of winning games and picking up a few Heismans along the way, so don’t expect him to take any prisoners this year. After all, this is Amon-Ra St. Brown — whose father added “St.” to his kids’ last names and named his youngest after one of the most important Egyptian gods. He is destined for greatness. “Being the youngest, I always had to push a little extra harder to beat them in whatever it was,” St. Brown said of his two older brothers. “Whether it was pickup basketball, playing football outside, catch around, they were always a step faster than me because they were older.” St. Brown’s father has been training his children in the weight room and guiding their diet for years, and Daniels has seen the effects of Brown’s influence first hand.  Did someone say practice is over? Don’t tell Amon-Ra St. Brown. He might hear you, but he sure won’t care.  Competition is inherent with St. Brown; he lives off it, feeds off it, moves because of it. Competing against his brothers played a big role in developing that mindset, but one doesn’t have to look outside his family to find another driving source of his competitive nature.  “You’re looking at him right now.” The trilingual sophomore, just as fluent in German and French as he is in dominating on Saturdays, is carving his own path and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Equanimeous and Osiris motivate him to be better, but Amon-Ra’s plans are far greater than surpassing those two. center_img “I think I was seven years old when I started lifting,” St. Brown said. “Lifting was innate in us because he pushed that in us really early on. So I think we really got the edge on other kids growing up, being stronger than them, because obviously our dad was a weightlifter. He pushed us in the weight room, so just being stronger than the kid in front of us really helped us growing up.”  Is that around the time St. Brown began to dominate on the gridiron? After all, bench pressing 135 pounds at age 8 would figure to separate him from kids who likely first saw the inside of a gym around 12.  When he’s done, St. Brown heads for the exit, his lack of sweat giving off the impression that he hasn’t worked out in three days. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Amon-Ra, Osiris and Equanimeous are the sons of one of the most successful bodybuilders of the 1980s: three-time Mr. World and two-time Mr. Universe John Brown.  “He wasn’t even tired after the first [fall] practice,” Daniels said. “He ran four and a half miles. That’s like, sprinting. Two and a half hours, he ran four and a half miles, and it was like nothing for him.” “When we’re all on the football field or in the weight room, when he’s training us, he’s our coach, he’s really tough,” St. Brown said. “But then outside of that he’s a really loving father, and he’s going to be just a normal father, have fun with us, joke around … [people] kind of see us in that same way, but I think we’re two kind of different families.” Most children placed in Amon-Ra’s position would feel the weight of inevitably enormous expectations. Not this one, though — that sort of thing just doesn’t affect St. Brown.  If you ever run into St. Brown around campus, ask him who holds the throne between him and his brothers. He’ll give you the same answer that any youngest child would give but few would actually believe:  St. Brown’s physical fitness has helped him become one of the Pac-12’s best receivers after just one year at the collegiate level. A five-star product out of Anaheim, St. Brown led the Trojans with 60 receptions in 2018, piling up 750 yards and three touchdowns on the season. It’s not pressure but competition that makes St. Brown go. Sophomore quarterback JT Daniels has known and played with St. Brown since they were both in seventh grade, and while Trojan fans are just getting familiar with the high achieving wideout, it’s nothing new for USC’s signal-caller.  “Probably since birth,” Daniels said. “He’s always been Amon.” His quarterback isn’t so sure. He thinks St. Brown’s been on a different level for quite a bit longer.  The eldest of the three St. Brown children, Equanimeous, is a wide receiver for the Green Bay Packers. The middle child, Osiris, is a senior wideout at Stanford.  Wrong. St. Brown seeks the assistance of a real quarterback, and, with his back turned to the passer, only catches sight of the football at the last second before two fully outstretched arms reel it in. Ten, 15 of those. Twenty minutes have passed since the second-to-last Trojan took part in any real drills, and St. Brown is on his back as if knocked to the ground by three cornerbacks, swallowing up any ball in his vicinity, whether or not multiple hands are required.  St. Brown doesn’t just believe it. He knows it. And he’s ready to prove it.last_img read more

Clippers (and Lou Williams) count on free throws

first_img For Lakers’ LeBron James, Jacob Blake’s shooting is bigger issue than a big Game 4 victory In something of a plot twist, Lou Williams was ejected for the first time in 878 career games Tuesday against the Washington Wizards. He was banished during a timeout for protesting foul calls – or lack thereof – with 34 seconds left in the Clippers’ 125-118 loss, a stunning fall-from-ahead result that snapped a five-game winning streak.Before being tossed, the smooth-operating guard, who was deemed the “coolest player in the NBA” earlier this year by GQ magazine, grew so frustrated that he picked up just the 15th technical foul of his 14-year career (and the second of the three-game trip).Williams is averaging 5.9 free throws per contest (and making an average of 5.5 of them), but he shot (and made) only two free-throw attempts Tuesday – both in the second quarter.Lou Williams ejected after a double technical late in the 4th quarter pic.twitter.com/G2ViAnGuG9 TWO STITCHES, BUT HE’S OKSecond-year guard Tyrone Wallace needed two stitches to close the gash following a head-to-head collision with Bradley Beal on Tuesday.Related Articles Kristaps Porzingis ruled out as Clippers, Mavericks set for Game 5; Follow for game updates Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Error After the game, Rivers told reporters Wallace did not suffer a concussion.“I don’t know how, he clearly has a hard head,” Rivers said. “I thought both were out, but Bradley makes a 3 right after and Ty comes in and tells me he can play.”Sindarius Thornwell entered the game in Wallace’s place and made two free throws while Wallace was getting stitched up. What the Clippers are saying the day after Luka Doncic’s game-winner tied series, 2-2 And they’re capitalizing, making a league-best 24.2 per game while shooting 82.2 percent from the line, which is third in the NBA.“Free throws are the key to this game, just to knock them down,” forward Tobias Harris (who’s shooting 81 percent from the line) said before his team upset the Golden State Warriors last week, when the Clippers made 30 of 34 free-throw attempts.“Luckily,” Harris added, “we’ve been in some spots where we’ve made these free throws. We have good shooters, so we’re supposed to make them.”Certainly, Danilo Gallinari and Williams have been. They’re shooting 95.5 and 94 percent, respectively, and are third and fourth in the NBA among players on pace to make at least 125 free throws, according to ESPN.com. Together, they’ve accounted for 178 points from the charity stripe.But against Washington, Gallinari had only three looks from the line, making all three. The Wizards, conversely, shot 32 of 39 from the line, with 26 of those attempts coming in the second half (see: a frustrated Williams).Sign up for Home Turf and get exclusive stories every SoCal sports fan must read, sent daily. Subscribe here.The thing is, Washington’s free-throw production against the Clippers wasn’t much of a plot twist. The Clippers are allowing opponents to attempt more free throws – 27.8 per game – than any other team in the league, according to NBA.com/stats. (Opponents are helping out by making only 77.8 percent of their free throws against the Clippers, which ranks 17th in the NBA.)The surprising Memphis Grizzlies (11-5), who will visit for Friday’s 12:30 p.m. matinee at Staples Center, are ninth in the NBA at getting to the line (24.8 attempts per game) while allowing 23.2 free-throw attempts – and playing the league’s best defense, giving up a league-low 100 points per game.So, ball movement aside, when Rivers mentions that his often overly charitable Clippers must “score the way we score,” that includes free throws. — The Render (@TheRenderNBA) November 21, 2018As a team, the Clippers attempted only 18 free throws, 11 of them in the first half. It marked the second-fewest free throws they’ve shot all season, trailing only their previous game against Washington, when they went 8 for 13 from the line but won anyway.So when Coach Doc Rivers talked to reporters postgame Tuesday about the fact that his 11-6 Clippers “got away from what we do” in the second half, that included getting to the free-throw line.The Clippers – who set a franchise record Oct. 26 for most free throws made without a miss in a single game by going 26 for 26 in a victory over the Houston Rockets – are shooting 29.4 free throws per game, which ranks second in the league. Clippers hope they can play to their capabilities, quell Mavericks’ momentum Clippers vs. Mavericks Game 5 playoff updates from NBA beat reporters last_img read more