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King Mohammed VI Congratulates Cape Verde President on Independence Day

Rabat- King Mohammed VI has addressed a message to the president of the northwestern African Republic of Cape Verde, Jorge Carlos de Almeida Fonseca, to congratulate him on his country’s July 5 independence day.The monarch expressed immense congratulations and wishes for good health to the president and prosperity to the country.King Mohammed VI also articulated his contentment with the friendship tying Morocco and Cape Verde, conveying hope that the two African countries will continue to strengthen their bilateral cooperation to become an example of regional brotherly cooperation. The day before, the king addressed a congratulatory message to US President Donald Trump to congratulate him on the country’s July 4 Independence Day celebrated.In the royal message, the king expressed satisfaction with the historic and solid ties of friendship, mutual esteem, and fruitful cooperation between the two nations.Reiterating his determination to continue to work with the president to develop the diplomatic ties linking the two countries, King Mohammed VI welcomed strategic dialogue between the US and Morocco. read more