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Moroccan King Warns Against Proselytism

Meknes – King Mohammed VI warned against any religious influences from elsewhere.“Do not accept anyone’s invitation to embrace a different rite or faith,” the King said on the occasion of Throne Day on July 30.Faced with the threat of terrorism, many countries have focused on the security aspect. While in Morocco arrests of supporters of the so-called Islamic State are increasing every day, the religious discourse on the fight against radicalism has also become more important as the country realizes the threat is ideological. In this new “Jihad Generation,” youths are brainwashed through social media and online propaganda. Thus, the inciting proselytism discourse on the internet becomes more important and becomes a tool of recruitment of our youths into terrorist groups.Other than for a political agenda, terrorism is used to indoctrinate weak souls and divide those who do not remain faithful to their principles.“I want you to reject any attempt to sow the seeds of division, and to remain – as always –  deeply committed to the unity of your rite and to your sacred values. [I want you] to be proud of your faith and of belonging to this nation,” said the sovereign.In Morocco, Islam as taught is clearly understood and communicable. It does not mean that we can talk of an “Islamization” of Moroccoin the same way the media and books have publicized a so-called “Islamization of France” in January 2015. Islam is peace. It is one. But when it comes to interpretations, it shows several ways of thinking and understanding.“Safeguard your identity and remain committed to the Sunni, Maliki rite that the Moroccan people have inherited from their forefathers,” the sovereign said.His interpretation is worthy of analysis. Islam, as seen in Morocco, is more than ever a source of peace, serenity and tolerance, based on the respect other divine religions. All components of Moroccan society (especially Muslims and Jews) are living in peace and harmony. It is a Moroccan “tradition,” a “religious obligation,” or even a “national duty” to perform and to maintain the upkeep of these components.“Today, in keeping with the same values, we are fighting against extremism and terrorism,” he continued.The Moroccan way of interpreting Islam gained ‘credibility’ in Africa and in the world. The Moroccan constitution shows clearly the harmony between Islam and other divine religions. The Kingdom is also known, on an international level, as a crossroads of peace. This is what led hundreds of sub-Saharans to learn this religion according to the Moroccan interpretation and has encouraged them to preach tolerance among them.It is in this context that the King launched the Mohammed VI Foundation for African Ulemas to show the Moroccan religious model.“Is there any reason why we should give up our traditions and forsake our cultural values – which are rooted in tolerance and moderation – in order to embrace a different doctrine that is contrary to our ethics or the way we were brought up? Of course not! Therefore, let no one outside the country give you lessons on how to live your faith,” the King concluded.© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed without permission read more