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Report Highlights Womens Economic Inequality Double Workload

first_imgSTATUS OF WOMEN -Report Highlights Women’s Economic InequalityDouble Workload Nova Scotia women are still striving for economic equality and abetter balance of responsibilities at work and at home, accordingto a statistical report released today, June 14. Women’s Paid andUnpaid Work is the fifth report in a series from the AdvisoryCouncil on the Status of Women. “Women are making progress, but there is still room forimprovement,” said Carolyn Bolivar-Getson, Status of WomenMinister. “As a society, we still haven’t found a balance betweenthe needs of working parents, who are raising our futurecitizens, and the needs of employers.” “By and large, women still do the bulk of unpaid caregiving,often on top of paid work outside the home,” said Doreen Paris,advisory council chair. “These statistics show that. They supportcouncil’s ongoing work to help low-income women achieve well-paying work.” The picture for women in this province is mixed. Well-educated women in the professions have made great strides.However, two out of three women in Nova Scotia work in the retailand clerical sector, where incomes are modest, and where steady,full-time work is hard to come by. Women of African descent,aboriginal women and women with disabilities remain atsignificant disadvantage in the paid workforce. For immigrantwomen, whose education is, on average, higher than that ofCanadian-born women, unemployment is also a huge problem. The combination of work in the home and in the paid workforceemphasizes the need for adequate child care, family and caregiversupports and adequate social security, both for parental leaveand eventual retirement. The Advisory Council on the Status of Women researches manyissues to help governments and the public to better understandwhat affects women in Nova Scotia. This report was shared withresearchers and members of women’s equality-seeking organizationsand is available on the council’s website, at www.gov.ns.ca/staw.last_img read more