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Turnover of full-time teachers reaches all-time high

first_img Previous Article Next Article Turnover of full-time teachers reaches all-time highOn 19 Feb 2002 in Personnel Today Comments are closed. The annual turnover of full-time teachers has risen to its highest levelsince records began, reveals research by the Employers Organ- isation for LocalGovernment. According to a survey of teacher resignations and recruitment the turnover ratefrom LEA schools has risen from 9.8 to 12.8 per cent – the highest figure sincethe survey started in 1990. A total of 46,000 teachers moved on, with 23,000 going to other teachingposts, 7,000 retired, 2,600 left the education sector, and 13,000 left to go tounknown destinations. The South East and London were the worst hit areas with turnover rates of 35and 33 per cent respectively. “The particularly high turnover rates in London and the South East arepartly due to the ease with which teachers can commute to a number of LEAs andother employers within a relatively compact geographical area,” explaineda spokesperson for the National Employers Organisation for School Teachers. Female teachers were more likely to move on than their male counterparts. Related posts:No related photos.last_img read more

Scoreboard roundup — 11/12/18

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailiStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — Here are the scores from Monday’s sports events:NATIONAL BASKETBALL ASSOCIATIONWashington 117, Orlando 109New Orleans 126, Toronto 110Philadelphia 124, Miami 114Oklahoma City 118, Phoenix 101Utah 96, Memphis 88Minnesota 120, Brooklyn 113Dallas 103, Chicago 98Sacramento 104, San Antonio 99OT L.A. Clippers 121, Golden State 116NATIONAL HOCKEY LEAGUEOT Carolina 3, Chicago 2N.Y. Rangers 2, Vancouver 1Columbus 2, Dallas 1SO Anaheim 2, Nashville 1NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUEN.Y. Giants 27, San Francisco 23TOP-25 COLLEGE BASKETBALL(2) Kansas 84, Vermont 68(7) North Carolina 90, Stanford 72(12) Kansas St. 64, Denver 56(25) Buffalo 62, S. Illinois 53Copyright © 2018, ABC Radio. All rights reserved. Beau Lund Written bycenter_img November 13, 2018 /Sports News – National Scoreboard roundup — 11/12/18last_img read more

JUST IN: Man Arrested After Pursuit Ends in Crash

first_imgFacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailShare Man Arrested After Pursuit Ends in CrashMARCH 16TH, 2018  JESSICA DIXON EVANSVILLE, INDIANA A man with an active warrant is arrested after a serious crash on Evansville’s east side.It happened shortly after 8 pm Friday on East Virginia Street near North Evans Avenue.Police at the scene say a truck headed west apparently hit a hill, flipped, and landed in the home’s yard on the front porch.After a short foot chase, the driver, 33-year-old Erick Latham, was arrested.At this point, police don’t know if he was drunk or under the influence, but he is being charged with reckless driving and hit and run.Medics took Latham to an area hospital.Stay with us for more info as we get it.Jessica DixonMore Posts – WebsiteFollow Me:TwitterFacebooklast_img read more

Richemont Club of Great Britain Fifth Annual Competition 2008

first_img== Winners and runners-up ==Class 1 – Three Sausage Rolls1. Rob Simms – P & A Davies2. Rob Taylor – Chatwins3. Chris Erskine – P & A DaviesClass 2 – Three Meat Pasties1. Paul Mooney – Chatwins2. Chris Rose – J W Rose3. Ian Martin – MartinsClass 3 – One Vegetarian Product1. Graeme Ashworth – Slattery’s2. Peter Tombs – Peter Herd3. Chris Rose – J W RoseClass 4 – One Quiche Lorraine1. Paul Mooney – Chatwins2. Anne Barnes – Slattery’s3. Graeme Ashworth – Slattery’sClass 5 – One Brown Tin Loaf1. Stephen Barnes – Slattery’s2. Kelvin Davies – P & A Davies3. Anne Barnes – Slattery’sClass 6 – One Multigrain Cob1. Rob Simms – P & A Davies2. Chris Erskine – P & A Davies3. Kelvin Davies – P & A DaviesClass 7 – One Plaited Loaf1. Nigel Attwell – Chatwins2. Anne Barnes – Slattery’s3. Rob Simms – P & A DaviesClass 8 – Four Fresh Creams1. Jeanette Ramsden – Slattery’s2. Ian Martin – Martins3. Rob Simms – P & A DaviesClass 9 – Four Danish Pastries1. Christopher Rose – J W Rose2. Michael Wilde – Slattery’s3. Simon Hazlett – P & A DaviesClass 10 – Four Christmas Fancies1. Jeanette Lyons – Slattery’s2. Jeanette Ramsden – Slattery’s3. Dawn Dunn – ChatwinsClass 11 – Four Puff Pastries1. Simon Hazlett – P & A Davies2. Paul Mooney – Chatwins3. Eric Cran – Eric CranClass 12 – Novelty Celebration Cake1. Karen Bowden – Slattery’s2. Ann Caterall – Slattery’s3. Gay Fisher – P & A DaviesClass 13 – Sugar Paste Model1. Melanie Hughes – Slattery’s2. David Wilson – Slattery’s3. Gay Fisher – P & A DaviesClass 14 – Character Biscuit1. Mark Butler – Slattery’s2. Rob Simms – P & A Davies3. Jeanette Ramsden – Slattery’sClass 15 – Almond Products1. Christopher Rose – J W Rose2. Paul Bates – Chatwins3. Michael Wilde – Slattery’sClass 16 – Christmas Cake1. Jeanette Lyons – Slattery’s2. Mark Butler – Slattery’s3. Linda Davies – P & A DaviesClass 17 – Christmas Pudding1. Christopher Rose – J W Rose2. Rob Simms – P & A Davies3. Anne Barnes – Slattery’sClass 18 – Chocolate Log1. Eric Cran – Eric Cran2. Wendy Hilton Casey – Slattery’s3. Helen Murell – ChatwinsClass 19 – Four Fruit Scones1. Kimberly Price – Tameside College2. Craig Wright – Chatwins3. Jamie Humphrey – ChatwinsClass 20 – Oven Bottom Loaf1. Craig Wright – Chatwins2. Holly Jones – P & A Davies3. Jamie Humphrey – ChatwinsClass 21 – Round Pizza1. Holly Jones – P & A Davies2. Philip Scase – Tameside College3. Terri Gardner – Tameside CollegeMilling & Baking Trophy – Arthur ChatwinRank Hovis Trophy – P & A DaviesBakeMark Trophy – Slattery Patissier & ChocolatierRenshaw Trophy – Slattery Patissier & ChocolatierChristmas Trophy – Slattery Patissier & ChocolatierBritish Baker Trophy – Craig Wright – Arthur ChatwinPresident’s Challenge Cup – Dave Wilson & Melanie Hughes – Slattery Patissier & ChocolatierBest in Show – Paul Mooney – Arthur ChatwinRichemont Trophy – Slattery Patissier & Chocolatierlast_img read more

Speech: Lack of food and access to healthcare in Venezuela

first_imgThank you very much, Mr President. Thank you to our three briefers. And thank you to the United States for proposing this discussion today and to Vice President Pence for joining the Security Council.Mr President, it’s clear from the briefings that we heard: that the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela has reached epic proportions and it is right that the Security Council should discuss such issues. I know there’s an age-old debate that we’ve never resolved as to how bad does a situation have to get within a country in order for it to constitute the sort of issue that the Security Council has looked at. But the figures that we’ve heard today and the effect on the Venezuelan people and the effect on their neighbours and the view of the regional authorities and the view of the international authorities – as represented by the Special Envoy and as represented by the Emergency Relief Coordinator, I think make it absolutely an issue that this Council should be discussing.Mr President, we’ve heard today how ordinary Venezuelans are unable to access food and basic healthcare. Preventable diseases such as measles and diphtheria have reappeared. HIV goes untreated and maternal and newborn mortality rates are extremely high. Electricity and water shortages, as many speakers have said, made it all much worse.The figures are appalling, but we’re also starting to hear words like ‘unprecedented’ and ‘unparalleled’, and I heard today some things I didn’t know – particularly about the health side say thank you to Dr Page – and it’s truly shocking. The malaria figure particularly stuck in my mind. I think the answer on measles is to refer to the George Washington University study about Russian social media. So I’m not going to go into that there but I think malaria figure alone ought to really horrify us. I think it’s all the more shocking because as a number of speakers have said, this crisis is manmade and all the more so because Venezuela used to be a prosperous country. My understanding of the OECD and World Bank figures, Mr President, is that Venezuela was considered to be an upper/middle income country. So that you can go from that status to having the sorts of problems that we heard described today really does draw the concern of the international community.I wanted also to reference the refugee situation. We’ve heard the figure: 3.4 million Venezuelans have left their country to go to their neighbours. I too welcome the presence of the Colombian Foreign Minister here today and we commend him and his government and our Security Council colleague, Peru, and others in the region that have offered refuge and hope to those millions of ordinary Venezuelans.But we cannot rely solely on the region’s efforts because as we also heard today that number is set to rise quite dramatically. I wanted to thank UNHCR and IOM through the Special Envoy for the efforts they have made.I think we agree: it’s a positive first step that the Maduro regime no longer denies the existence of the crisis and that the Red Cross and the UN are allowed to start the international humanitarian response – and the scale of what’s needed was set out graphically by the Emergency Relief Coordinator. So I think it just points to how much more needs to be done.For the United Kingdom, we agree with the majority of this Council, Mr President for a new start in Venezuela and we will be working closely with the international community to ensure assistance can reach those most in need. But I wanted to echo what Vice President Pence said in his emphasis on democracy and the rule of law. We stand with the Venezuelan people. This is about what is needed to help the Venezuelan people so we support the UN’s efforts, under OCHA’s leadership, to mount an international humanitarian response, commensurate with the severity of the situation and underpinned by the principles of independence, neutrality and impartiality. And I would call Member States’ attention to the three areas that the Emergency Relief Coordinator outlined.We call on the Maduro regime, Mr President, and all actors to facilitate the humanitarian process and to allow further international, UN, Red Cross and NGO humanitarian organisations unhindered access for humanitarian assistance to meet the urgent needs of the Venezuelan people. I repeat: it is against international law to try and deny your own people the help that they need, particularly food.I’d also like, Mr President to use this occasion to call on Member States to support the UN’s efforts. For our part, we have committed a package of nearly $9 million in humanitarian aid to respond to the most severe needs in Venezuela and host countries. We hope that our aid package will respond to the most severe health and nutrition needs by supporting emergency rooms and maternity wards. We hope to help people fleeing their homes have access to critical support and we hope to help meet the immediate needs of those forced to flee Venezuela who are at greater risk of exploitation. So we plan to offer migrants access to personal documentation and information on how to access basic services.Mr President, it’s important we’re clear that the suffering faced by the Venezuelan people is the result of years of mismanagement by the de facto Government. Humanitarian aid is urgently needed but, as many speakers have spoken out today, it won’t solve the crisis. Political change is equally urgent. The legitimate interim President Juan Guaidó was stripped of his immunity of Speaker of the National Assembly. His Chief of Staff was arrested and others who are trying to secure peace and democracy in Venezuela have suffered similar intimidation and threats. Mr Guaidó has our full support in his efforts to bring about the necessary change. The people of Venezuela deserve a better future and I repeat, Mr President, it is our belief that it’s time for a new start with free and fair elections in accordance with international democratic standards. Thank you.Right of Reply by Ambassador Karen Pierce at the Security Council Briefing on VenezuelaThank you, Mr President. I don’t want to prolong this. I don’t want to get into a tit for tat but the money was not stolen from a British bank. It’s very important that we correct these falsehoods. Thank you.∙∙∙Thank you, Mr President, I apologize for taking the floor again. But I can’t allow those allegations against the Bank of England to go unaddressed. I reject completely the allegations made by the Venezuela Ambassador. He’s made them before. I wrote to the then-President of the Security Council, the Equatorial Guinea PR, on the 21st February, rejecting the allegations. I will have that letter circulated again and we’ll put it on our website. But for the benefit of the record, the Bank of England’s reputation is world-renowned. It operates to the highest standards. It has operational independence from the British government. Thank you.last_img read more

The Revivalists Heat Things Up For A Sold Out Performance In Sacramento [Review]

first_imgThe Revivalists have gained notoriety playing every corner of the festival circuit the past decade, but – like most acts – the details of their instrumentation really shine at a club or indoor venue.That was the case Wednesday night, February 15th, with the New Orleans collective closing the California leg of their “Still Feeling Good From Yesterday” Tour with a sold out show at Harlow’s Nightclub in Sacramento.It was an intimate scene, the type that energizes musicians and spoils fans. The Revivalists opened with “Keep Going” and, to the band’s surprise, they were met with a crowd of true fans that wanted to see them, specifically, as opposed to simply catching some live music on a weeknight.It was a powerful performance that leaned on Men Amongst Mountains, and effortlessly navigated the emotions of that project. Whether it was the somber brass highways of “Fade Away” or the skyrocketing hills of “Stand Up,” The Revivalists steadily loosened up the dance floor with every song.The set was all-encapsulating and left little to be desired. From “Soul’s Too Loud” to the pedal steel guitar grooves of “Upright,” every member of the six-piece ensemble got to shine at some point, although saxophonist Rob Ingraham’s soul-shaking additions were the easiest to get lost in.“Sunny Days” was the most impressive progression of the night, turning a soft, reggae bounce into The Revivalists’ trademarked blend of pounding alternative and bellowing vocals from frontman David Shaw. The jam picked up steam, intensified the tempo and was driven home by a hair-raising solo from guitarist Zack Feinberg, which was met by a lion’s roar of approval from the crowd.In a lot of ways, The Revivalists are a natural fit for the Central Valley music scene. Alternative rock thrives in Sacramento, and adding a little Cajun spice to the mix is a welcome move in the heartland of Northern California. Togetherness through personal independence is a message that comes through the band’s music, and it’s true to the area’s culture.The Revivalists were welcomed back for an encore, which featured their most popular song, “Wish I Knew You.” As phones scattered the space above the crowd, so did the man with the two bubble guns, who got a shout out from Ingraham at the end of the show as he emptied his clip to the tune of a yearning sing-a-long.So, thank you linebacker-sized bubble man, for reminding us of the simpler things in stranger times.[Photo via Christopher Baldwin in San Francisco]last_img read more

Vermont Chamber of Commerce names Ed Colodny Citizen of the Year

first_imgFor nearly five decades, the Vermont Chamber of Commerce has annually awarded an individual who has gone above and beyond his or her daily requirements to better the state of Vermont through self-sacrifice, service and volunteerism.  In the crowded field of awards given to Vermont community members, the Vermont Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year Award is one of the most prestigious. This year, the Vermont Chamber of Commerce proudly presents the Citizen of the Year Award to Mr. Edwin Colodny of Burlington. Mr. Colodny is a native Vermonter who spent his early years in Burlington where his family owned a grocery store.  Much of Colodny s career was embedded in the airline industry.  In 1975, after working his way up in the ranks, he was named President and CEO of US Airways.  Under his leadership, the company was reshaped into a major national carrier. In 2001, Mr. Colodny was asked to take over the University of Vermont leadership and become Interim President.  During a most challenging time, he put the University back on track, establishing a new base for future students, staff and professors. Stepping down from this role, Colodny responded to a request to become Interim CEO of Fletcher Allen Health Care.  In this capacity, he gave essential direction to the medical education center, guiding it through difficult times.  In both critical roles, Vermont is indebted to Colodny for shaping two crucial institutions, enabling them to provide health care, education, research and service to Vermont.  Those that Mr. Colodny worked with during this time admire him for his invaluable leadership and service, denoting him a model of integrity and compassion.”Mr. Colodny has proven through years of service, his dedication to the state of Vermont,” said Betsy Bishop, President of the Vermont Chamber of Commerce. “I have had the pleasure of working directly with Mr. Colodny and have seen his incredible ability to bring together differing perspectives toward a common goal.  His work with many Vermont institutions has laid the foundation for the future of Vermont.”Through years of service and sacrifice, Mr. Colodny has continued to provide Vermont organizations with effective guidance that has created a solid base for education, health care and service statewide. Mr. Colodny currently serves on the Investment Committee of the Vermont Symphony Orchestra, helping to guide the organization through a difficult period for the arts.  He is also an honorary chairman for the Endowment Committee for Vermont Symphony Orchestra.  Mr. Colodny continues to lend his energy to Vermont Law School, New England Culinary Institute, Shelburne Museum and Fletcher Allen Health Care Foundation. He also serves of counsel to the law firm Dinse, Knapp & McAndrew in Burlington.The Vermont Chamber of Commerce will honor Mr. Edwin Colodny on October 19, 2009 from 5:30 to 8 pm at the Hilton Burlington Hotel.  Tickets are $65 per person and include cocktails, hors d oeuvres, a plated dinner and an opportunity to toast Edwin for his many contributions to and accomplishments in the state of Vermont.To register for this event, log on to is external) or contact Antonia Opitz, Director of Events: [email protected](link sends e-mail).Source: Vermont Chamber of Commerce. Sept 3, 2009.last_img read more

Huge cocaine shipment seized off Cocos Island

first_img SAN JOSÉ, Costa Rica – The United States Coast Guard vessel USCGC Bertholf intercepted a Costa Rican fishing vessel carrying 2.3 tons of cocaine 70 nautical miles from Cocos Island in the Pacific Ocean, authorities announced on July 1. The Costa Rica Drug Control Police assisted in the June 28 operation, a part of the multinational counterdrug effort Operation MARTILLO, which targets illicit trafficking routes in coastal waters along the Central American isthmus. Three Costa Ricans and one Nicaraguan were arrested. One of the world’s largest uninhabited islands, Cocos Island has become a route for drug trafficking over the recent years. In 2013, Costa Rican authorities seized 19.8 tons of cocaine, according to the Ministry of Public Security. By Dialogo July 02, 2014 [Tico Times (Costa Rica), 01/07/2014; La Nación (Costa Rica), 01/07/2014; Ministry of Public Security (Costa Rica), 30/06/2014]last_img read more

9 habits that could help you save thousands

first_imgThere is a good chance you have resolved at some point in your life to kick a bad money habit. Maybe it is shopping when you are bored, making impulse purchases or even trying to time the market.Instead of taking the negative approach of trying to eliminate a behavior, try to make a positive change by adopting a good money habit. That’s what these money experts did. Here are nine money-saving tips they have incorporated to spend less, take control of their finances and save thousands of dollars.1. Put Purchases in PerspectiveMichelle Schroeder-Gardner, creator of the Making Sense of Cents blog, asks herself before making a purchase how long she would have to work in order to pay for it.“Thinking about a car, a house or even small purchases such as clothing this way can really make you debate how badly you need an item,” she said. “This has helped me save thousands of dollars.”A similar approach is to ask yourself whether a purchase will take you closer to or away from your goals, and whether it’s the best value for your money. continue reading » 44SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

Saudi ramps up virus testing as lockdown relaxed

first_imgSaudi Arabia, which has reported the highest number of infections in the Arab world, is scrambling to limit the spread of coronavirus at home. On Sunday, the health ministry said the number of deaths from COVID-19 had risen to 139, confirmed infections to 17,522 while  2,357 people have recovered.Last month, Saudi Arabia suspended the year-round “umrah” pilgrimage over fears of the coronavirus pandemic spreading in Islam’s holiest cities.Authorities are yet to announce whether they will proceed with this year’s hajj, scheduled for the end of July, but they have urged Muslims to temporarily defer preparations for the annual pilgrimage.Last year, some 2.5 million faithful travelled to Saudi Arabia from across the world to participate in the hajj, which Muslims are obliged to perform at least once during their lifetime.The Arab world’s biggest economy has also closed cinemas, malls and restaurants and halted flights as it attempts to contain the virus.King Salman has warned of a “more difficult” fight ahead against the virus, as the kingdom faces the economic impact of virus-led shutdowns and crashing oil prices. The deal, which has a total value of 995 million riyals, also includes “the establishment of six large regional laboratories in a number of areas in the kingdom, including a mobile laboratory with a production capacity of 10,000 tests daily”, it added.Earlier the government decided to relax a nationwide curfew between 9am and 5pm, with malls and retailers allowed to reopen until May 13, according to the official Saudi Press Agency.But a round-the-clock lockdown will be maintained in some areas including Mecca, where the highest number of infections have been recorded in recent days despite the city being sealed off.Many countries around the Middle East and North Africa have the easing of lockdown restrictions to coincide the holy fasting month of Ramadan which began on Friday. Topics :center_img Saudi Arabia announced Sunday a $265 million deal with a Chinese firm to ramp up coronavirus testing as the kingdom eased a 24-hour curfew, except in hotspots including Islam’s holy city of Mecca.The agreement with China’s Beijing Genome Institute (BGI) will provide for nine million COVID-19 tests, the government said in a statement.It said in line with the agreement “500 experts, specialists, and technicians” would come from China to conduct the tests.last_img read more