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Watch Dave Chappelle Perform Radiohead’s “Creep” Past 5AM At The SNL After-Party

first_imgYesterday was a triumphant night for Dave Chappelle. After a ten year hiatus from television, he finally made a comeback appearance with the opportunity to host the stalwart of American sketch comedy, Saturday Night Live. The timing was impeccable, as the election of Donald Trump left our country in shambles for days, providing Chappelle the perfect opportunity to deliver his unique brand of racially-charged comedic commentary. Not only that, but his friends and fellow comeback artists, A Tribe Called Quest, were tapped as musical guest, and they put on a master-class performance of socially-conscious hip-hop from their important new record We got it from Here…Thank You 4 Your service.All in all, it was a great night for Chappelle and his friends. Which is why the after party, which took place at The Cutting Room, must have been beyond incredible. Bradley Cooper and Madonna were both in attendance, as was ATCQ cohort Busta Rhymes and New York rock icon Lenny Kravitz. At one point, Kravitz jumped on drums and he and a makeshift band started playing “Creep” by Radiohead. Chappelle himself, flanked by SNL’s Leslie Jones, led a sing-a-long version of the classic introspective song.Of course, social media maven and drummer of The Roots, Questlove, was on hand to provide us with a peak into this wild party. See below for a clip that Quest posted on Instagram of a jubilant Chappelle leading the band.last_img read more

‘Westworld’ Releases Soundtrack With Radiohead, Soundgarden, & More On Spotify [Listen]

first_imgWith its first season coming to a shocking end, HBO series Westworld starring Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, Evan Rachael Wood, and more, has released its extremely recognizable and modern soundtrack, composed by Ramin Djawadi (who also scores Game of Thrones).Throughout the season, Westworld featured versions of the Metallica‘s “Fade to Black,” Soundgarden‘s “Black Hole Sun,” and multiple Radiohead songs, such as “No Surprises,” “Fake Plastic Trees,” “Motion Picture Soundtrack,” and “Exit Music (For a Film),” the latter of which was played in the final, culminating scene of the last episode, where….just kidding, we wouldn’t spoil it for you.Some versions could be heard on the player piano featured in the western-style saloon, or through acoustic guitars and percussion during the frontier landscape scenes, or in other electronic stylings when the show took us to the lab where the androids were being worked on by technicians. Whatever the case, Djawadi provided viewers with beautiful, stripped down arrangements very well-known songs.In an interview with Pitchfork, Djawadi explained the clear dichotomy between past and present in the show and musical arrangement, “You see the settings and the way people are dressed and even though you know it’s robots and it’s all made to be modern entertainment, you would think the people in control would make everything authentic, including whatever is played on that player piano. It would be from that time period. And when it’s not, it’s that subtle reminder that, ‘Wait, there is something not right. This is not real.’ It’s just such a powerful tool that only music can do.”Take a listen to the soundtrack below, via Spotify:[via Pitchfork]last_img read more

Neil Young To Induct Pearl Jam Into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

first_imgIn their first year of eligibility, Pearl Jam easily garnered enough votes to find their way into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. With the induction ceremony coming up on April 7th, the band will be honored by another legendary Hall Of Famer – Neil Young. As Pearl Jam regularly covers Young’s music, this will be a meaningful way for the two artists to share their respect for one another.The full list of inductees includes Tupar Shakur, Yes, Journey, Joan Baez, and Electric Light Orchestra, and a few more details about the induction ceremony have been revealed. Set to take place at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY, the show will feature Jackson Browne inducting Joan Baez and Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson of Rush inducting Yes. The ceremony will also include a lifetime achievement award for Nile Rodgers, the leader of Chic and a fixture of the music scene for several decades. Additional performers and details will be announced in the coming days.For more about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, head to their website.[Photo via Rolling Stone]last_img read more

Jennie Harney Will Join The Color Purple

first_img Related Shows View Comments The Color Purple Jennie Harney will make her Broadway debut this fall in The Color Purple. She steps into the role of Nettie beginning September 20, filling in for Joaquina Kalukango, who takes her final bow before maternity leave on September 18.Harney previously appeared in the national tour of Motown. She also won BET’s Apollo Live 2 competition in 2014.The current cast at the Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre features Tony winners Cynthia Erivo and Heather Headley as Celie and Shug Avery, respectively, as well as Tony nominee Danielle Brooks as Sofia, Isaiah Johnson as Mister, Kyle Scatliffe as Harpo and Patrice Covington as Squeak. Jennifer Holliday will replace Headley as Shug beginning October 4.Based on the Alice Walker novel, the musical follows Celie, a young black woman in Georgia who, through her friendship with her daughter-in-law and friend Sofia, relationship with the extravagant and troubled Shug Avery and her own self-acceptance, triumphs over adversity and learns to love herself.center_img Jennie Harney(Photo courtesy of Polk & Co.) Show Closed This production ended its run on Jan. 8, 2017last_img read more

Vermont to promote ‘Green Valley’ at environmental tech show

first_imgDorn will head a delegation that includes the VermontDepartment of Economic Development; the Vermont Global Trade Partnership;Burlington-based alternative energy firm Draker Solar; and environmental remediationequipment maker Clean Earth Technology of Ferrisburg to GLOBE 2008. For more information, visit the GLOBE Web site at: is external) “This will be the second time that Vermont hasattended GLOBE, and the response has been very positive,” Dorn said.Vermont companies have found good leads, and environmental technologyfirms have expressed interest in our state. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MONTPELIER, Vt. — The State of Vermont will be lookingto generate some green by being green at an upcoming internationalenvironmental technology trade fair and conference in Vancouver. CONTACT: David Mace (802) 828-5229 He noted Vermont’s efforts to promote itself as acenter for environmental engineering and technology firms, including therelease of the recent report by the Vermont Environmental Engineering AdvisoryCouncil. Nearly 10,000 policy makers, environmental business leadersand corporate environmental managers from 78 countries attended GLOBE 2006 andorganizers estimate that $646 million in new business was generated at GLOBE2006. March 10, 2008 30 “Vermont has an internationally-recognized image as aclean, ‘green’ state; we are the healthiest state in America; andwe have more institutions of higher learning per capita than any otherstate,” said Kevin Dorn, Vermont Secretary of Commerce and CommunityDevelopment. “We believe we can leverage these strengths to recruit’green’ businesses to Vermont, and promote those alreadyhere.” GLOBE 2008 showcases emerging environmental technologies andsolutions from leading global technology companies. “Governor Jim Douglas has made growing Vermont’s’Green Valley’ a priority,” Dorn said. “This conferencehelps promote Vermont on a world stage.” Representatives of the Vermont Department of EconomicDevelopment and the Vermont Global Trade Partnership will be joined by severalVermont companies at GLOBE 2008, a biennial trade fair and conference scheduledfor March 12 through 14. VERMONT TO PROMOTE ‘GREEN VALLEY’ AT ENVIRONMENTAL TECH SHOWlast_img read more

Sale of $52 million in Vermont bonds attracts record number of bids, low rates

first_imgVermont State Treasurer Jeb Spaulding announced today that Vermont successfully sold $52 million in general obligation bonds, in a competitive auction that marked the State’s first-ever sale of “Build America Bonds.” Yesterday’s auction resulted in both the largest number of bids received and the lowest interest cost the State has incurred on a bond sale in decades.Build America Bonds, often referred to simply as “BABs,” were made available under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Unlike traditional municipal bonds, BABs are subject to federal income tax, but are still exempt from Vermont State income tax. By using BABs, the State pays a higher interest rate, but receives a 35 percent subsidy on that rate from the federal government. When this subsidy is factored in, BABs often have a lower interest rate than traditional tax-exempt bonds.“We are extremely pleased by the results of our bond offering,” said State Treasurer Jeb Spaulding. “We received eleven bids, many from firms who were bidding on Vermont’s bonds for the first time. Locking in an interest rate below 3 percent on a 20-year borrowing period is almost unheard-of. The strong response indicates that demand continues to be extremely high for Vermont’s bonds. This benefits Vermont’s citizens in that the interest rate the State pays on the bonds is lower, costing us less to borrow the money.”The bonds are scheduled to settle, or close, on February 3, 2010. The State locked in a total interest cost of 2.96 percent, the lowest rate in records dating back to the 1960s. The yield investors received on their bond purchases ranged from 0.25 percent for bonds maturing in one year to 5.21 percent for bonds maturing in 20 years.The State’s financial advisor, Government Finance Associates, assisted the State in running an innovative “hybrid” online auction that allowed investment banks to bid on each bond maturity as either a tax-exempt bond or a BAB. Bonds maturing in one to five years were sold as traditional tax-exempt bonds, while bonds maturing in six to 20 years were BABs.Demand for the State’s bonds was enhanced by Vermont’s strong bond rating. The bonds offered were rated by Moody’s Investors Service, Standard & Poor’s Ratings Service, and Fitch Ratings as Aaa, AA+ and AA+, respectively, all with a stable outlook. The triple-A rating reflects the highest rating available to government issuers. High demand for the bonds allowed the State to offer a lower rate of return and consequently, lower the cost to the State for borrowing money for capital projects. Costs to the State would have been higher if Vermont’s bond ratings were lower.“The very favorable opinions of the rating agencies, which consistently cite Vermont’s prudent fiscal management, vindicate the proactive efforts of the administration and the legislature to keep the State’s budget balanced,” Spaulding said.Yesterday’s bond sale will fund projects that were authorized by the State Legislature in the last legislative session. While the bonds were originally scheduled to be sold this past fall, the Treasurer’s Office delayed the sale because the State’s cash flow dictated that new funds were not needed until early 2010.The State plans to sell an additional $20 million of general obligation Vermont Citizens’ Bonds on February 25, with a closing date in early March. The Citizens’ Bonds will be sold as tax-exempt bonds through a negotiated offering with Citigroup Global Markets, Inc. Citizens’ Bonds are free from state and federal taxes and may be purchased in denominations as low as $1,000. These bonds are reserved first for purchase by Vermont residents and businesses.“This year, we increased the Citizens’ Bond sale from $15 million to $20 million, to give Vermont investors a greater opportunity to take advantage of savings on state and federal taxes on investment earnings, and also invest in bonds backed by the full faith and credit of the State of Vermont,” explained Spaulding.As part of the annual approval of capital bonding projects, the State is planning to again offer general obligation bonds for sale in October and November of 2010.Source: Treasurer’s office. 1.28.2010last_img read more

Quick Hits: Pink Squirrels

first_imgScientists stumble upon flying squirrel that glows hot pink in UV lightResearchers Allie Kohler and her team at Northland College in Ashland, Wisconsin were using a UV light to study lichen in a Wisconsin forest when they discovered something else entirely—a hot pink glowing squirrel. The chance observation, made possible with the glow of the UV light, was confirmed when 135 museum specimens of the New World flying squirrel were examined and glowed pink under the UV light. Though scientists don’t know why the squirrels glow pink, they theorize that it could be to help them find—or perhaps impress– each other in the dark. The pink glow may also mimic the plumage of owls, which also omit a similar secret glow, to confuse avian predators. Learn more about Kohler’s research here.Eastern monarch butterfly population rebounded by 144 percent According to the Center for Biological Diversity, the eastern population of monarch butterflies, which breed east of the Rocky Mountains, reached their highest numbers since 2006. The butterflies overwinter in Mexico where scientists from the World Wildlife Fund Mexico estimate the population by measuring the area of trees that have turned orange by the gathering butterflies. The 2019 winter count found the monarchs occupied nearly 15 acres of forest, up from just over six acres in winter 2018—an increase of 144 percent. In the mid-1990s, monarchs covered nearly 52 acres of forest. Those numbers fell to 3 acres in 2014. Scientists estimate that 15 acres is the threshold to be out of the immediate danger zone of migratory collapse. The Fish and Wildlife Service are considering protecting the butterfly under the Endangered Species Act and a final decision will be issued by a court-ordered June deadline.U.S. intelligence officials name climate change as a worldwide threatIn its annual assessment of worldwide threats, the nation’s intelligence community warned that climate change poses risks to global stability. The Worldwide Threat Assessment, released Tuesday, the report stresses that climate change may cause global instability because it is “likely to fuel competition for resources, economic distress, and social discontent through 2019 and beyond.” Last Friday, the United Nations Security Council held a discussion to better understand how climate change acts as a “threat multiplier” in countries with vulnerable governance and sparse resources.In addition to climate change, the 2019 Worldwide Threat Assessment also lists terrorism, cyber crimes, and weapons of mass destruction as a threat to human security.last_img read more

Organized Crime Groups Use Cattle Industry to Transport Drugs in Central America

first_imgAfter Military police and law enforcement agents unloaded the cattle after stopping the vehicle near Comayagua, they found 743 kilograms of cocaine in hidden compartments in the truck’s roof. “We have destroyed blind spots in our border with Guatemala with explosives to try to block the smuggling of drugs, weapons, people, cattle, and any other type of merchandise that people try to export without paying taxes,” Sub Lieutenant José Coello Molina, FUSINA’s spokesman for the country’s northwestern region, said. In recent years, organized crime operatives have sold thousands of heads of stolen Central American cattle in Mexico. Feeling the pinch of the losses of cattle herds in their industry, Pérez and René Blandón, president of the Central American Federation of Meat Producers, said they have presented their case and shared these statistics with Nicaraguan law enforcement authorities. El Cartel del Sur’s territorial reach extends to the country’s border with Nicaragua, while El Cartel de Olancho is suspected of being connected to the drug trafficking group Los Cachiros, which operates in the region north of Olancho, in the eastern region of La Mosquitía, and in the Atlantic Ocean. Law enforcement authorities suspect two major Honduran organized crime groups – El Cartel del Sur and El Cartel de Olancho – smuggle drugs inside trucks and trailers used to transport cattle. For example, since January 1, agents from Honduras’s National Interagency Task Force (FUSINA) have eradicated three blind spots used by organized crime groups to smuggle contraband through the border between Honduras and Guatemala. The chamber’s director, Onel Pérez, speculated the cattle is being moved “by hot money and probably drug trafficking.” Organized crime groups in Central America are using the livestock trade to transport drugs, hiding illicit substances inside trucks, and trailers used to transport cattle. Criminal groups steal and sell cattle The Nicaraguan Chamber of Meat Exporters estimates that between 60,000 and 65,000 heads are smuggled out of the country annually. Criminals marked the bulls and cows to make it seem like they were raised locally. center_img Security officials estimated the narcotic was worth 609 million Lempiras, the equivalent to 29 million dollars. Two Honduran families of cattle ranchers are allegedly connected to the Gulf Cartel, a Mexican transnational criminal organization, according to a May report in local Honduran daily El Heraldo. Some organized crime groups in Central America are not only using cattle to transport drugs – they are stealing and selling livestock. For example, in 2014, Honduran Military Police and civilian law enforcement officers seized a large trailer truck transporting 45 bulls and calves from Olancho to a ranch in Copán, the western department closest to Guatemala. By Dialogo August 20, 2015 No, those articles are too long. Please cut them down a bit, do me the favor I’m saying. Yuli Vanesa Zapata Tavima It’s now the end of the world. Lord lots of faith faith Drug trafficking is blanketing humanity That’s how things are in the world. Well, I think no matter how hard the authorities fight, they’re not going to be able to control this narcotic because they always look for a way to keep bringing their junk in. If we want to rid our country of drugs, we have to be relentless so that our youth may have a chance in life. Let’s help It is alarming to see how drug trafficking is progressing in the Americas and we in Argentina are also alarmed because of that scourge that seems to be deploying quickly and positively for the criminals the governments should be inflexible with those who commit crimes that ruin the lives of young people who are tempted by so much money. Those in charge should be able to detect and put an end to them The best option would be to be able to liberate the sale of drugs so to keep that monster which is drug trafficking from continuing to grow and taking over everything! Peace has ended for us in Colombia What’s this, and they cannot and will not be able to fight More news about Colombia Excellent reporting on the latest news and we don’t have to make much effort. It’s very cool from Venezuela Yaracuy… Mabel Peralta Cañaveral I like reading the news A thousand thanks. Good you inform us clearly “It is alarming that the number of legal cattle has diminished dramatically, while the contraband of these animals has increased,” Blandón added. Colonel José Antonio Sánchez, a spokesman for the Honduran Armed Forces, emphasized that when countries reinforce their security barriers – and Honduras has done so, he added – traffickers resort to new ways of getting their merchandise across borders. In Honduras, security forces are taking strong measures to crack down on the illegal cattle trade. A Mexican military report stated: “the trafficked cattle from Honduras goes to Veracruz, Querétaro, Hidalgo, San Luis Potosí, Durango, Nuevo León, and Tamaulipas in a route dominated by relationships between cartels and local criminal gangs.” Cattle theft is a growing problem, Blandón said. last_img read more

Benefit applications available online for Steuben County residents

first_imgOfficials say parents or caretakers of children who received free or reduced priced meals during the 2019-2020 school year will be receiving the Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer food benefits. This benefit will also be given to those who live in a district where free or reduced priced lunches were provided to all students during that year. Residents can apply for one or more of these programs by visiting the state benefits website. STEUBEN COUNTY (WBNG) — County Department of Social Services Commissioner Kathryn Muller said online applications for Steuben County residents seeking food, heating, Medicaid, and temporary assistance benefits are now available. For help with uploading supporting documents to the website, officials say you can download the free app, ‘NYDocSubmit’.center_img For more information about the Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer benefits, click here. Those with questions about their benefits are asked to call the Stuben County DSS at (607) 644-2000 and leave a message with your contact number.last_img read more

At the cow wash: Pakistanis scrub Eid animals at car cleaners

first_imgIn the run-up to the Muslim festival of Eid al-Adha, Karachi car-wash owner Sheikh Sagheer sees much of the traffic at his business switch from four wheels to four legs.Locals bring him their cattle, sheep and goats for a thorough scrub down ahead of the animals’ sacrifice during the three-day religious holiday, which begins Friday in Pakistan.Sagheer, 42, said the cow wash started when he was spotted cleaning his sacrificial animal ahead of Eid after opening his business a few years ago. Topics : “The charge is 100 rupees, which is nothing,” said Mohammad Uzair, who brought in a large grey cow for a wash.Across Pakistan, between eight and 10 million animals are sacrificed over Eid al-Adha, according to the Pakistan Tanners Association.Sagheer says cleanliness is especially important because of the coronavirus pandemic.”I make it a point to sanitize the animal with disinfectants,” he said.center_img “The people who saw me washing the animal came to me with their own… that’s how this trend started,” Sagheer told AFP.Many of the animals come from a huge market on the outskirts of Karachi — reputed to be the largest Eid cattle bazaar in Asia — that is packed with goats, cows, bullocks, sheep and camels.The creatures are often dirty, dusty and speckled with dung after being transported then packed together at the market.Sagheer charges just 100 rupees (about 60 cents) for a wash — which includes a soak with a pressure hose, a lather with suds, a scrub and a rinse.last_img read more